EOS Hat-Trick: Breaking TPS Records, On-Chain Trading & Over 1k Tokens on Network

By Anjali Tyagi
Published July 23, 2018 Updated July 23, 2018
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EOS Hat-Trick: Breaking TPS Records, On-Chain Trading & Over 1k Tokens on Network

By Anjali Tyagi
Published July 23, 2018 Updated July 23, 2018

The $7.2 billion market cap cryptocurrency, EOS has broken the 3k transactions per second (TPS) record and will be soon hitting 50,000 as per the hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz. EOSfinex, a decentralized exchange to be built on EOS network by Bitfinex has started making development while about 1200 tokens have been registered on EOS network.

EOSfinex in action: World’s first high-performance decentralized exchange


The world’s fifth largest cryptocurrency EOS is currently trading at $8.07. With a market cap of $7.2 billion, EOS manages the daily trading volume of about $656 million.


Last week, when the bulls first came, its price rose to $9.17. It can be expected that EOS will again cross above this level as green is dominant in the market right now.

Apart from price, EOS is making a lot of headway in network development. Serg Metelin, the Head of Developer Relations at Block.One shared a Tweet on the development of EOSfinex, “the world’s first high-performance decentralized exchange.”

Announced by the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex at the beginning of this year, EOSfinex aims to,

“combine the scalability and speed of EOS.IO with Bitfinex’s industry-leading expertise to deliver an “on chain” exchange designed to offer a fast, transparent and trustless platform for the trading of digital assets.”

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EOS breaks above 3k TPS, 1200+ tokens on network

Recently, EOS achieved over 2,800 transactions per second (TPS) leaving Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and XRP behind. According to the latest numbers, EOS has crossed 3k at 3097 as its new All-Time High (ATH).


However, some believe EOS will be hitting a bigger number very soon. As put by the hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz, EOS should be reaching 50,000 transactions per second in coming months given the fact that it has only 21 block producers.

According to the latest Medium Post, over 1200 tokens are already on EOS network,

“Most of them have only a few transactions, and there are several giants that made their airdrops.”

The extract by the author of the post was as of July 17, that included tokens that have at least one transaction. Also, an iOS wallet for EOS, NOVA Wallet that touts on its website to be a multi-OS wallet claiming one “can use the NOVA Wallet in iOS, Android and Chrome Extension” has also made an entry into the market.

However, there is no official confirmation from EOS as put by one Redditor,

“I am anxiously awaiting feedback from the community before I try this. But, since it is in the Apple store it looks super promising.”

EOSNOVA pointed out,

“IOS beta testing is currently underway. We will officially launch it in the App Store in early August.”

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