#StayAtHome: Ethereum Conference Attendees Report CoronaVirus Positive

By Lujan Odera
Published March 19, 2020 Updated July 24, 2020
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#StayAtHome: Ethereum Conference Attendees Report CoronaVirus Positive

By Lujan Odera
Published March 19, 2020 Updated July 24, 2020

Since November last year, the world has been fighting a global epidemic in Corona Virus, alias, COVID-19, since first being diagnosed in Wuhan, China. Over the past three months, the virus has spread far and wide halting operations in Europe, the Americas and parts of Africa as assets’ markets suffer in equal measure.


The cryptocurrency market, which was on an ecstatic rise at the start of the year, lagged informing its bearish run as stocks, gold, bonds, and other alternative investments fell drastically as the COVID-19 virus spread across more states around the world. But, when it hit, it hit hard. Not only priced crashing to yearly lows but other parts of the ecosystem were also affected.

#StayAtHome: Attendees contract COVID-19 at Ethereum conference

In an unfortunate case reported by some of the attendees at Ethereum Community Conference (ECC) held earlier in the month, they tested positive for the virus.

Another attendee commented below the post saying,

“I was also tested positive for #COVID19 today. Likely got infected also at @EthCC_ or side events. If you attended you should self-quarantine and if you have symptoms follow your local guidelines to get tested.”

Most parts of the world are now in lockdown as governments advise their citizens to stay home and avoid social gatherings in a bid to stop the spread of the virus. In effect, cryptocurrency and blockchain events around the world have been postponed or suspended to follow the medical directives. #StayAtHome

Top blockchain conferences that have been postponed

Here is a list of some of the upcoming blockchain events that have been moved.

1. Blockchain Global Conference and Exhibition

Expected date: March 17th & 18th 2020

Postponed to: 17th & 18th March 2021

Key Speakers: Marta Geater-Piekarska, Johan Toll, Garrick Hileman, John Calian, Maher Chebbo, Dotun Rominiyi and many more.

2. The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Event in Dubai (BII SUMMIT)

Expected date: 18TH March 2020

Postponed to: 7th October, 2020

Key Speakers: Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, Misha Hanin, Jeffe Koumbou F, Amine Sabri and others

3. Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2020

Expected date: March 31- April 1st, 2020

Postponed to: 9th & 10th December, 2020.

Key Speakers: Arthur Breitman, David Chaum, Hadas Gold, Jack Gavigan, Marjan Delatinne and more!

4. Romania Blockchain Summit 2020

Expected date: April 14th, 2020

Postponed to: November 2nd & 3rd, 2020

Key Speakers: Armand Domuta, Vali Malinoiu, Saha Tanase Etc.

5. TEAMZ Blockchain Summit Tokyo 2020

Expected date: April 22nd, 2020

Postponed to: September, 28th 2020

Key Speakers: Roger Ver, Dovey Wan, Tim Darper, Bobby Lee, Max Kordek and more.

Locations will be shared in the coming weeks. Follow on the linked pages.

You can add more postponed events  on our Twitter post of this article to make others aware of the changes and to #StaySafe.

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