Grow Your BNB on the Binance Smart Chain with BNB24x7

By Stan Peterson
January 17, 2022 Updated January 17, 2022

Decentralized finance or DeFi has been the main talking point in crypto circles for the past 2 years. This innovative and emerging financial technology is targeted towards eliminating the fees that banks and other entities charge for using their services. It is based on distributed ledger technology similar to normal cryptocurrencies.

The Popularity of Yield Farming

DeFi has changed the way investors perceive the market as it has provided multiple alternative avenues of income. One such method is yield farming. For the uninitiated, yield farming refers to lending or staking cryptocurrency tokens to produce rewards which are either in the form of interest or transactions fees. It can be likened to earning interest from a traditional banking institution. Some liquidity pools pay their rewards in multiple tokens. Those reward tokens then may be deposited to other liquidity pools to earn rewards there, and so on.

The growth in popularity of yield farming can be attributed to the rise in several governance tokens over the past few years.  These tokens allow users to take part in governance inside a DeFi protocol. There are many such ecosystems present in the current cryptocurrency market, one of which is BNB24x7.

About BNB24x7

BNB24x7 is a cryptocurrency yielding gam that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The ecosystem has a model where multiple miners are hired. The total number of miners are greater than the users. This allows BNB24x7 to provide BNB at a much faster rate than other yield farms and mining games. The combined mining power helps a modest initial investment of 0.05 BNB to generate an average of 168% ROI in 7 days.

Earning rates depend on the users’ game plan. To enjoy consistent returns, they must ensure that their contract balance has sufficient BNB funds for withdrawal. The mining efficiency rates change as the ecosystem hires more miners. Miners once in the ecosystem cannot be sold and there are no refunds available.

BNB24x7’s smart contract allows users to invest any BNB amount, starting from 0.05 BNB. This allows them to get a 168% return on investment in 7 days, provided the user has enough contract balance. Each subsequent deposit is maintained in separate contracts to maintain and safeguard the payment amount for each deposit.

The Benefits of Mining Games like BNB24x7

In mining games, purchases are made using pre-determined currency according to the efficiency rate of each miner. The demand for the miner according to the yield they produce is the main driver behind the price of the miners. Thus, the value of the miners decreases with the fall of demand, which will also affect the daily return on investment.

Users who withdraw for contract sustainability at BNB24x7 receive a 25% auto-reinvestment. If they reinvest their profits, they get a 10% reinvest/compound bonus as well. BNB24x7 also has a pool where 1% of all deposits are added. The ecosystem rewards the 25 best users based n their direct referral count, every 24 hours. All of these features make BNB24x7 a lucrative investment proposition.

Why Should You Invest in BNB24x7?

  • BNB24x7 is extremely new and has been launched on Friday 14th
  • Haze Crypto has audited BNB24x7, which further improves its credibility as a yielding platform.
  • 1% of user deposits are allocated to the daily bonus.
  • BNB24x7 provides 5-levels of referral rewards which are catagorised as follows: 5%, 3%, 1.5%, 0.5% and 0.5%).
  • BNB24x7 allows one withdrawal or deposit in 12 hours. It should also not exceed 25% of the active deposit.


Mining games in the cryptocurrency market provide a lucrative yielding opportunity for all. There is already a lot of crossover between crypto and gaming. With the growth of yielding games and mining games based on the blockchain, several opportunities exist for normal users to stake their currencies and achieve significant gains.

Platforms such as BNB24x7 provide a much more direct system of rewarding cryptocurrencies compared to others. It offers users an easy method to start earning BNB. Taking advantage of these incentives can be incredibly lucrative. But investors should ensure they aren’t earning a useless token. Nobody wants to partake in an incentive scheme that rewards them in a token that becomes worthless.

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