Gunbot Review: A Popular, User-friendly Crypto Trading Bot

By Casper Brown
June 22, 2019 Updated April 12, 2022
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No matter how good you are at trading crypto, you can’t work 24/7. You need meal breaks, good sleep and time off to do other things in life. But you know what doesn’t need a break? A well-programmed trading bot could help you make profits all-year round.

The best trading bots are easy to use. You set up an account, link it to your favorite crypto trading exchange and pick good trading strategies. Set stop loss and take profit limits and let the bot make money for you. Gunbot, the bot we’ve reviewed below, is similarly easy to use. It also packs a set of unique features that suit different kinds of traders.

Gunbot Overview

Gunbot is the creation of Gunthar De Niro, a Bitcoin enthusiast, and blockchain programmer. De Niro first launched the trading bot in 2016. Back then, the bot only worked with Poloniex and a few other trading exchanges.

Between 2017 and 2018, Gunbot gained popularity remarkably fast. It was one of the most affordable trading bots on offer and was gaining a solid reputation for successfully trading crypto. These days, Gunbot is available in nearly a dozen exchanges. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Additionally, Gunbot presents the following benefits:

  • 14 customizable trading strategies—the bot comes with pre-coded strategies. You can choose one or combine several strategies to your liking.
  • One-time payment plans supported by a lifetime of updates and professional customer support
  • Massive trading community of 7000+ members. You can exchange ideas with plenty of traders through the company’s social media channels.
  • Backtesting ensures you can review your past trades and effectively make changes to your current trading strategies.
  • A addon helps you send trading alerts to the bot even when on autopilot and it can execute trades successfully.

Gunbot Features

  • Automated Trading on Multiple Exchanges

The primary job of Gunbot is to execute crypto trades for you. It works on Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Kukoin, Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitmex,, Huobi, and Kraken. Like most bots, Gunbot cannot deposit or withdraw money into your trading account. It only executes trades as programmed.

While you may not have accounts on all supported altcoin exchanges, Gunbot’s support for multiple exchanges offers convenience. You could trade top altcoins on Coinbase Pro and configure the bot to help you trade minor coins on Binance.

Multi crypto trading support is also good for trading volumes. When one exchange has a low trading volume for certain coins, you can easily switch to a marketplace with better volume. Keep in mind Gunbot can execute trades on multiple exchanges simultaneously.

  • Comprehensive Trading Features

Gunbot is designed to be a user-friendly trading bot for investors with zero coding knowledge. In a few clicks, you should be able to configure the bot to trade your favorite altcoins. The bot’s interface is neatly designed. You can quickly view your portfolio. Trading indicators are easy to spot and configuring settings is a breeze.

Gunbot also presents several helpful features for experienced traders. They have access to reversal trading during bear markets. They can use advanced trading features or access advanced trading strategies like dollar-cost averaging.

  • Powerful Add-ons

Gunbot features several add-ons meant to help better your trading experience. The add-on from helps you buy and sell trade signals from the traders’ networking site conveniently. You choose a scrypt and the bot checks for signals in your email box.

After you make a purchase, Gunbot uses the signals to execute your trades automatically. All this is done without your physical efforts. Provided everything is properly configured, Gunbot works on autopilot when it comes to purchasing and selling trade signals.

  • Reliable Customer Support

Gunbot may have a huge community of traders, but the company behind it is always expanding its customer support channel. Currently, traders get support through the company’s Skype contact, emails, Telegram and WhatsApp.

You can get help with almost everything through Gunbot’s social groups. However, the company also offers 1 on 1 support for serious technical or financial issues. So far, people seem to have only positive things to say about the quality of support offered by Gunbot. While there are complaints, a majority of traders on trading review forums express support from the company’s commitment to offering reliable support.

Gunbot Pricing

Gunbot is tiered into three price plans. In all plans, you pay once for a lifetime of access to the trading bot.  That also means you’ll never have to pay for updates or customer support. Each plan has its own perks though.

Gunbot Standard—0,100 BTC

The standard plan gives you access to automated trading on every exchange supported by Gunbot. You also get access to all trade indicators on the platform plus limited support via the official Telegram Channel.

Notably, you don’t receive the company’s add-ons, profit trackers or the ability to trade on multiple exchanges at the same time.

Gunbot Pro—0,150 BTC

This plan sometimes cost 0,240 Bitcoin. However, it’s mostly charged at 0,150 BTC. It comes with the ability to make simultaneous trades on three crypto exchanges. You also get a lifetime of free updates and 24/7 support via Telegram.

The plan also includes a backtesting addon and a profit tracker. On the flipside, you’re not entitled to 1 on 1 premium support. Gunbot Pro members also don’t receive the privilege of accessing the company’s VIP Zone.

Gunbot Ultimate—0,250 BTC

In addition to premium support, Gunbot Ultimate members are allowed to trade on 5 exchanges at the same time. They get a lifetime of free updates, a profit tracker and two important add-ons. One add-on facilitates backtesting while the second add-on relates to

While this plan is a lot more expensive than other plans on Gunbot, it offers some irresistible features. Pretty much every service offered by the trading bot is available to Gunbot Ultimate members.

Premium Support—0,025 BTC

To avoid the hassles of installing the bot, you can pay 0,025 BTC to get some help from Gunbot’s support team. It’s a one-time payment that also promises support via Telegram and access to a VIP section.

The prestigious section is a knowledge base for all things trading. Members receive tutorials, trading tips and guidance from Gunbot’s experts. It is surprising Gunbot Pro and Ultimate subscribers have no access to the VIP Section. But Premium support is also affordable.

Gunbot also sells a certain pack it calls Gunbot Settings. For a price of 0,035 BTC, you are provided with six additional trading strategies not offered to other traders. You also earn the privilege to learn about limited sales from the company.

Can you make money using Gunbot?

Trading bots are meant to execute trades for you so that you make profits in the process. Everyone wants a bot that can make as much money as possible. So, is Gunbot worth it? With a community of 7,000 members, there are certainly people who’ve found the bot to be helpful.

The huge community also means Gunbot is constantly getting the support it needs to be improved. Bugs are removed fast and new strategies are added frequently. Community members can also help you configure the bot properly to maximize profits.

If you’re totally new to crypto, you may find Gunbot a tad challenging to use. The bot designed for people who know what crypto trading is, and more so, experienced traders. However, you can easily learn the ins and outs of trading bots and use Gunbot to your advantage.

To Conclude

Gunbot is one of the most popular crypto trading bots out there. It’s relatively expensive but it has a proven track record, which is what makes a good trading bot. The bot comes with 14 pre-configured strategies which you can use individually or use together.

Gunbot features a pretty impressive interface. Depending on which plan you pick, you can also get lots of unique trading features. Overall, Gunbot is a solid bot capable of helping you make profits trading popular crypto coins.


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