IEO of DBX – this fall. Meet one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the world market in September

By Stan Peterson
Published September 14, 2021 Updated September 14, 2021
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IEO of DBX – this fall. Meet one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the world market in September

By Stan Peterson
Published September 14, 2021 Updated September 14, 2021

TALLIN, ESTONIA -10th September 2021-


Don’t miss the most anticipated event of the whole year and buy DBX coin very soon on one of the 7 most famous platforms in the world.

 DBX will be available for purchase at the same time on 7 of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. For depositors who have already participated in the exclusive sales, the full functionality of the currency is already available.

 Following this list, the coin will be launched on various global crypto platforms:

  •   BitMart (starting from September 9). One of the most popular exchanges around the world;
  •   LBank (starting from September 9). A crypto exchange with millions of unique users around the world;
  •   WhiteBit (starting from September 9). A well-known platform for the purchase and sale of crypto coins. The     main office is located in Estonia;
  •   Latoken (starting from September 9). An exchange that uses only a modern approach to trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets;
  •   Probit (starting from September 9). One of the 20 most popular exchanges in the world;
  •   Coinsbit. (starting from September 10). One of the European platforms that have earned several awards.

 What is the use of DBX?

DBX is a popular, and most importantly – a groundbreaking electronic system that uses a peer-to-peer network. The crypto coin is used by users to make financial transactions. At the same time, it is completely impossible to identify the payer, and the currency itself does not have any manager who performs the functions of a third party. All operations on the coin are supported only by the owners of the currency.

 Key advantages of DBX

Millions of people have already trusted DBX with their financial security and anonymity. DBX conducts all financial transactions with blockchain technologies, which reduces the risk of DBX forgery or double payments to zero. In addition, with DBX, you can make payments without the possibility of somehow finding out the identity of the payer.

 What besides anonymity?

  1. ROI. Contributions to Masternode will bring income and improve your financial portfolio, bringing a monthly profit. For all owners, the platform has integrated a payment system using a fixed amount.
  2. Project growth. The system is constantly improving, providing additional protection of users’ assets.
  3. The growth of electronic assets in the future. The system will soon increase and include more assets. This will bring additional profit to each owner.
  4. Risks close to zero. The DBX cryptocurrency reduces volatility risks and ensures investors from unforeseen consequences for every investor who can leave the system without resorting to the use of fiat currencies.
  5. Convenient control of all assets using the app.

 Buy DBX tokens on the most popular crypto platforms around the world from  September 1-October 5. The Bitforex platform will be conducting the IEO.

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