Introducing The Next Generation DEX With Advanced Trading Features: bitoftrade

With leverage, swap, and limit trades plus more features in the pipeline, bitoftrade is bringing advanced trading tools to DEXs packaged in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The world of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) is evolving around us. Many popular DEXs in the crypto space specialize in a single type of trade, and many do it very well. But, until now, tools for advanced traders have been limited, and those available are often less than user-friendly.

This is where bitoftrade aims to turn the tide and lead the next generation of intuitive, easy-to-use DEXs with various different trade types complete with transparent low fees. With bitoftrade, there’s no need to switch between different DEXs as they offer all the features you’ll need on one easy-to-use platform.

Putting users first with intuitive features, customer service, and anonymity

The platform has taken on the ambitious mission to deliver a unique user experience with easy-to-use advanced trading tools while also providing anonymity. Launched in early March 2022, users can connect their Metamask wallets and start trading Ethereum tokens without completing a KYC verification. Its new website is easy to navigate and promises secure, non-custodial, anonymous, and transparent trading for all users.

What’s more, the bitoftrade team has focused on developing a customer-centered service where its users are at the heart of the platform. Its extensive FAQs, Canny directory and feedback service, and accessibility to customer advisors give traders easy access to support when they need it.

How do bitoftrade’s features stand out?

bitoftrade is ushering in the next generation of DEX by offering advanced trading features. Users can trade crypto anonymously and utilize leverage, limit, and swap trades with over 900 Ethereum tokens on bitoftrade’s platform. It has all the features expected from a DEX and more.

So, what makes bitoftrade stand apart?

Complex trading tools

Though most DEXs offer anonymity to users, trading tools can sometimes be limited. Decentralized platforms often follow traditional infrastructures that are similar to centralized exchanges, such as order books. This is a significant problem for users as current DEX trading tools can lack complexity. Instead, bitoftrade offer traders a dYdX protocol, allowing them to access derivative products in a fully decentralized environment.

Additionally, bitoftrade offers both anonymity and advanced trading tools to users such as complex trading types. Users don’t need to enter any personal information on the bitoftrade platform in order to begin trading, they just need to connect their MetaMask wallet. Look out for bitoftrade’s own wallet release in the near future, designed with user convenience in mind.

100% transparency

No one likes hidden fees, and a major part of what makes bitoftrade different is its commitment to 100% transparency. Unlike other DEXs, bitoftrade gives users a rundown of their incurred fees before completing a transaction.

Platform fees vary depending on the trading features used, however, bitoftrade’s fees are only 0.2% or less per transaction (excluding ETH gas fees). Even better, bitoftrade charges no fees for withdrawals.

To celebrate the official bitoftrade launch, bitoftrade have announced their bitreward campaign. Every participant will be able to start trading free of charge—all fees will be refunded to a user’s wallet for swap and limit order trades. Even better, participants will get a reward of 5 USD to their wallet per each refund transfer. The campaign will run for just one week, so get trading!

 Limit, swap, and leveraged trading

Usually, a DEX only offers one or two types of trading, forcing users to switch between multiple platforms. bitoftrade instead offers three different types of trading on its platform: limit, swap, and leverage, allowing its users to execute their trades of choice with ease and engage in advanced trading strategies and tactics from a single platform.

bitoftrade also lets users take full control of transactions with their trading limit order feature, which gives them the ability to set their own price limits for trades. Transactions are executed only when the price reaches the specified crypto limit order.

By offering users a more advanced trading service complete with low fees and anonymity, bitoftrade aims to lead the next generation of DEXs.

What’s upcoming for the bitoftrade platform?

As well as being a highly advanced exchange platform, bitoftrade recently published a blog on its new website. Learn about all things crypto with the wealth of knowledge that bitoftrade has to offer. Vote and request for new features on the bitoftrade platform here.

Although the bitoftrade platform already offers limit, swap, and leveraged trading, users can expect to see even more features as the platform expands, such as hedging and stop loss.

On top of the new features, bitoftrade is set to launch its native token—$BTRADE. Created as a financial instrument for money saving and accumulation, as well as a revenue share model, the launch date for the token is soon to be announced.

Visit the bitoftrade platform, and start trading.

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