IOHK Daedalus Wallet Integrated with Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Achal Arya Altcoin News PublishedFebruary 2, 2018 | ModifiedMarch 14, 2018

IOHK’s Daedalus Wallet Integrated with Ethereum Classic (ETC)
IOHK’s Daedalus Wallet Integrated with Ethereum Classic (ETC)

IOHK Daedalus Wallet Integrated with Ethereum Classic (ETC)

IOHK made an announcement of its user-friendly and secure Daedalus wallet’s integration with ethereum classic(ETC). Daedalus will now support ADA as well as ETC tokens.

Daedalus Wallet Now Supports ETC

Today, the Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), a prominent blockchain research and development company made an official announcement about the integration of its highly-engineered Daedalus wallet with Mantis, the command line client of ethereum classic (ETC).

Daedalus that supports one of the top five cryptocurrencies by the market cap, Cardano’s ADA, will now be able to support ETC through this integration. This wallet offers you an initiative but simple interface that maximizes the user experience.  

ETC holders had previously only limited choices for the user-friendly wallets. They either have to resort to Jaxx, a popular multi-coin wallet or MyEtherWallet. Now, ETC holders can benefit from the streamlined interface provided by Daedalus.

The developer of ethereum classic, Alan McSherry said in a statement:

“This integration is an exciting development for the continuing evolution of Ethereum Classic. By putting an advanced wallet into the hands of Ethereum Classic users, we’re demonstrating our dedication and commitment to the ETC community and high-grade technology. With this integration, we hope to offer the community a simple to use state of the art wallet.”

Crucial Elements of the Integration

Mantis, the ethereum classic client that was built by a group of IOHK developers, will still serve as the core. This new blockchain client is responsible for not only downloading but also keeping the latest copy of the blockchain.

Built in a powerful programming language Scala, Mantis offers the guarantee of security that other programming languages cannot provide. The integration of Daedalus wallets with Mantis will now allow the ETC users to have an additional wallet option that can help them secure their digital assets.

This integration is the coupling of technologies in such a way that the Daedalus user interface is a window into the Mantis controlled wallets. It will allow users to make transfers, see balances and even delete their wallets.

The project manager of Daedalus at IOHK, Darko Mijic commented:

“Daedalus was built first for Ada, but now that ETC is integrated and Daedalus has become a multi-asset wallet, IOHK looks forward to welcoming further digital currencies in the near future. Our goal is to develop Daedalus into a universal wallet, blockchain application platform, and app store for use by the global blockchain community.”

An Electron that is a highly-tested open source developed platform which is basically designed for cross-platform desktop apps by using CSS, Javascript and HTML, is used as an underlying technology to built Daedalus.

The wallet offers you the spending passwords for protecting the private keys and seeds to recover the wallet that makes it highly secure. Moreover, now Daedalus wallet can also manage numbers of wallet providing you with total control over your funds and how it should be organized.

Ethereum Classic hasn’t been able to gather the same success as ethereum, hence now these developments are making the whole team excited. This new blockchain has its very own token, CLO that is expected to roll out in March.

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