John McAfee Steers Clear Of Fiat; Uses Crypto Instead

By Sahana Kiran
Published June 20, 2020 Updated June 20, 2020
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John McAfee Steers Clear Of Fiat; Uses Crypto Instead

By Sahana Kiran
Published June 20, 2020 Updated June 20, 2020

The crypto community believes that billionaire John McAfee has made significant investments in cryptocurrencies, however, the U.S. Presidential Candidate revealed that he doesn’t invest in digital assets.

McAfee Uses Crypto On A Daily Basis

The past few years have been quite prolific for the cryptocurrency industry. The crypto space has evidently been one of the fastest-growing fields. Several prominent celebrities, as well as governments, have taken a keen interest in these digital assets. One popular name of the antivirus software industry, John McAfee is frequently popped up in the crypto space.

McAfee has been vocal about his stance on cryptocurrencies for a very long time. The billionaire even went on to announce the launch of his privacy coin called Ghost. McAfee’s inclination towards crypto has left several believing that the U.S. Presidential candidate has invested a lot in the field. However, McAfee recently shunned this rumor. In a recent tweet, McAfee stated that he refrains from investing in crypto, instead, he uses crypto. The tweet read,

This definitely caused some stir in the comment section. Several Twitter users were wondering what McAfee was buying via crypto. While a few others suggested that cryptocurrencies were “useless” in everyday life as daily activities like paying bills or purchasing groceries were nearly impossible with crypto. McAfee seemed to be adamant about his previous statement as he tweeted,

“I buy everything with crypto.

Move out of your mom’s basement.”

McAfee also revealed that he uses stablecoin DAI and privacy coin Monero, whenever it was feasible. Despite the fact that he doesn’t use crypto, McAfee stated that he isn’t against crypto investments.

Additionally, several other Twitter users declared that they were also using crypto on a daily basis and steered clear of fiat or banks. This definitely bolsters the fact that crypto is more than just a store of value asset. Furthermore, McAfee said,

“And I do not have a bank account or credit card.”

While many governments have been trying to reprimand Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, McAfee has been actively advocating the importance of these assets. Previously, the billionaire had asserted,

“You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere, and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust.”

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