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December 20, 2018 Updated April 12, 2022
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Mandala isn’t just a cryptocurrency exchange, it’s what you want in exchange. With global regulatory compliance driving our mandate of mass adoption, the Mandala vision is executed through an unparalleled feature suite designed to bring novice and professional market participants together. Our introduction of the MDX holding discount and referral program begins the rollout of the MDX feature suite designed to empower novices and professionals alike.

Version 0.9.8 of the Mandala Exchange is Live! Users can register for free, share their referral links to earn commission and help us connect the universe through blockchain!

“Ensuring market participants are safe means embracing regulation as industry leaders, helping to shape the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. It’s the wild west out there, and with users central to the Mandala mission it isn’t just logical, but simply our duty to take a strict approach in securing the longevity of the MDX platform and its user base.”

Anant Handa – Co-Founder & CSO

Mass adoption and standardizing the cryptocurrency space are core to the MDX value system and with open arms, we welcome feedback from our community and user base. Join us in shaping the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain based digital assets.

About Mandala

Existing platforms offer the bare minimum in functionality in favor of a short-term, highly speculative, and narrow profit focus. To the detriment of the user base and ecosystem as a whole, existing services modeled their platforms off of conventional tools without innovating to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving technology space. Committed to fostering mass adoption, Mandala seeks to make the cryptocurrency and digital asset space accessible by prioritizing the end user experience, balancing functionality with regulatory compliance.

With a live referral program, users can sign up and share their personal links, collecting 25% trading commissions from each trade conducted under their link. Users on the Mandala Platform will receive a base trading rate of 0.50% per exchange transaction with the ability to receive a 50% discount from holding just 1000 MDX tokens. Discounts to trading rates extend all the way to a staggering 92% through based on MDX token holdings.

The Version 0.9.8 release of the Mandala Platform brings with it the foundation for an alternative to the barely usable services and status quo that pervades the cryptocurrency space. Other incentives currently in development and designed to empower users, growing the Mandala community include:

  • Risk Management Tools
  • Trade Signals System
  • Trading Bot
  • Tutorials
  • Social Integration
  • Peer-to-Peer Marketplace
  • Portfolio Analytics & Resources
  • Reduced trading fees for MDX holders

Our client-focused approach reinforces platform longevity, presenting a solution to an often times difficult to navigate, and complex investment technology space. With the future introduction of tools and resources, Mandala is empowering novices and professional market participants as we work to bring opportunity to the masses!

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