Kattana Project (KTN)- Overview and Rating of the DEX Trading Terminal

By Achal Arya
Published May 14, 2021 Updated December 17, 2021

Kattana Project (KTN)- Overview and Rating of the DEX Trading Terminal


Ticker KTN
Price 16.04 USD
Market Cap / Market Rank $16,705,673.91/ #911
All time high 34.94 USD
all-time low 12.95 USD
Circulating supply 1,042,500 KTN / 10,000,000
Token Type ERC-20
Total Value Locked (TVL)  No Data
Website https://kattana.io/


The Kattana project was launched by a team of traders, developers, and other professionals in the broader financial world to create a comprehensive crypto trading terminal for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) trading platforms. The core aim of the Kattana protocol is to serve as a one-stop-shop for trading in the DeFi ecosystem, the same way Bloomberg Terminals pioneered traditional finance’s market trading access.

The Kattana team has analyzed the defaults in accessing exchanges both the centralized and the decentralized ones and has built its platform to address these defaults while adding to the product suite, to enhance profitable trading. Kattana provides charts, access to more than 40 exchanges, the provision of Limit Orders, a rare feature in DeFi, and a news aggregation section amongst others. All these works to help enhance the productivity of its users.

How Kattana Works

The Kattana platform is designed with simplicity in mind. Users can create an account on the platform for direct access to its range of offerings. As it is primarily designed for traders in the cryptocurrency industry, anyone can access or trade on their favorite Decentralized Exchange (DEX) through Kattana. 

Kattana is a for-profit business venture but it offers free access to some of the functionalities it hosts, such as the ability to trade on DEX, access to two charts per tab, and a limited analysis of ERC-20 wallets per day.

Users can always upgrade at any time, Choosing either of the Basic Plan, which costs 0.06 ETH, the Pro Plan accessible with 0.1 ETH, and the Fund plan which costs 0.15 ETH. All of the payments are in KTN, and Kattana gives huge flexibility in accessing its products. For users who do not want to pay, holding 130, 250, and 400 KTN tokens can also give you access to the plans respectively.

With either of the plans, users can maximize their trading experience, making do with the hassle involved in connecting with different trading platforms all at the same time. 

The KTN Token and Tokenomics

The KTN token is the native digital asset that powers the Kattana network. The tokens are built atop the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token and are deflationary in nature. KTN has a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens that will have multiple uses on the platform. 

Of the 10 million total KTN supply, a total of 10% was allocated for the Seed Sale priced at 0.3 USD per token, 13.5% Private Sale and 3% and 2% committed to Strategic Funding and Public Sales respectively. Each of the tokens in each of these rounds has a different lockup period, all designed to guarantee a steady balance in the supply and reserve of the tokens.

Kattana has a unique deflationary model that puts a supply side pressure on the KTN token that is projected to ultimately boost its value. The platform employs a deflationary utility model of tokenomics that creates artificial shortages through multiple uses of the KTN token. Users are required to hold a certain amount of tokens to access the premium features on Kattana. The basic plan requires one to hold 130 KTN, while 250 KTN are needed for the Pro Plan to unlock the various features outlined under each package. Each user will need to hold 400 KTN to get unlimited access to all features on Kattana.

Considering that Kattana is a terminal built specifically to aid traders, there is anticipation that the demand for KTN tokens will be high as users need to hold them to access services on the platform. With the number of traders in the crypto market growing exponentially, the demand for the token will keep rising in the future. However, since the supply is fixed, it will have a deflationary effect on KTN prompting its value to appreciate in the long term as more tokens are put out of circulation. 

The current price of KTN is a testament to the deflationary impact the Kattana product has designed to benefit its users.


In the Kattana deck, Kattana lists DEXT, dex.vision, ATAS, Tiger Trade, and UniTrade as some of its competitors in the space.


Kattana has a growing presence on most of the social media channels including Telegram, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


The Kattana project began its development in 2017 and has been around since the first significant price growth in Bitcoin (BTC) above $19,000. Through a commitment to the project, several milestones, including the integration of scalable CEX and DEX charts, DEX trading widgets, marketplace algorithmic trading strategies, and more have been designed.

In Kattana’s roadmap, the integration of the analysis of the ERC-20 wallets widget and Widgets for signals from closed Telegram terminals are in the works.

Project Listing

Kattana is still a budding project, however, the KTN token has found its way to top DEXs including Uniswap, 1Inch, and Gate.io. The coin’s current USD16.7 market cap has earned it a rank of 911 amongst the top coins profiled by CoinMarketCap.

A Note to Traders/Users

Many innovative projects enter the marketplace on a daily basis. While many are just a copy of existing projects, Kattana is wielding a defining difference in its platform and business model. The team’s consistency over the course of 3 years is a plus and the growing community acceptance is a sign that Kattana’s products might be a true game-changer for traders looking to maximize their trading experiences.


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