Lufthansa And Microsoft Are Getting Into Unibright’s “No-Coding-Needed” Approach To Blockchain Adoption

By Guest Author
Published August 17, 2018 Updated December 10, 2019
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Lufthansa And Microsoft Are Getting Into Unibright’s “No-Coding-Needed” Approach To Blockchain Adoption

By Guest Author
Published August 17, 2018 Updated December 10, 2019

Unibright’s “no-coding-needed” approach to smart contracts adoption on the mass market sparks interest of such behemoths as Lufthansa and Microsoft. A little more than three months after its successful ICO, the up-and-coming German-based project, that describes itself as a “unified framework for blockchain based business integration”, signs partnerships and sets up blockchain events with giants who are seriously considering the prospects of the new technology.

What is the new approach and why do companies need it?

Whilst the blockchain technology is on everyone’s lips, Unibright offers a unified framework bringing smart contracts to mainstream usage. Smart contracts get generated, deployed and updated automatically based on visual definitions. Unibright’s existing integration platform allows the monitoring and integration of these smart contracts into existing off-chain systems like for example SAP ERP or other legacy systems.

This approach is attractive for:

  • tech giants that want to get consumption to their infrastructure build for blockchain nodes,
  • consulting companies searching for solutions to offer their customers that are heavily asking for a way into blockchain technology,
  • enterprises themselves looking for a future-proof solution to get “their feet wet” in blockchain technology.

Stefan Schmidt, CTO Unibright, explains:

„With our framework anyone has the ability to craft powerful Blockchain-based solutions and – even more important – focus on the essentials: the actual business process.“

For a short period of its existence on the market, the company managed to gain support of several flagships and set up a number of events dedicated to the practical application of smart contracts in businesses.

Hackathon with Lufthansa

Lufthansa, the biggest European airline, supported Unibright‘s “Hackathon without a single line of code” at Pillar Unconference 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference also known as the “Woodstock of Crypto,” is set to attract a wide mix of the cryptocurrency and blockchain community including entrepreneurs and smart contract developers.

Based on different templates, like Unibright’s “Asset Lifecycle” template, participants worked on visual definitions for a real life use case.

As an award for the best participants, Lufthansa offered flights from Vilnius to Frankfurt for a follow-up blockchain use-case workshop later this year.

Dr. Jörg Liebe from Lufthansa, Senior Director Digital Innovations Hub Airlines and Airline Products, stated:

“We often see Blockchain only used as a buzzword, but prefer to make real use of it. To really benefit from blockchain technology you need use cases where a distributed ledger brings a notable improvement to existing processes.”

Stefan Schmidt, CTO Unibright, added:

“By adding real use cases from real enterprises we can really show how blockchain can make a change.”

Microsoft hackathon

Only days after the token launch the partnership with Microsoft Germany led to a common two day hackathon in Microsoft headquarter in Munich. Unibright Hyperledger and Solidity specialists helped the more than 50 participants from different large companies to set alive their first smart contracts.

Strategic partnership with NEM

Unibright is now teaming up with NEM, an enterprise-grade blockchain platform, by adding NEM oriented code generation to the Unibright framework. The partnership is also made up of adding NEM as a target of Unibright’s automatic blockchain code generation, adding NEM adapters to Unibright’s integration platform, qualifying Unibright as an official NEM Service Partner and working together on common customer projects.

Listing on QRYPTOS

Since August 14, the Unibright token has been listing on QRYPTOS exchange. For the first 100 new QRYPTOS account that are KYC-approved and hold at least 100 UBT, QASH tokens worth 10 USD will be granted for free in the middle of September. This holds true for accounts that are created before 14 of September using the link:


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