The Manny Pacquiao’s Pac Token

By Guest Author
Published November 15, 2019 Updated November 15, 2019
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The Manny Pacquiao’s Pac Token

By Guest Author
Published November 15, 2019 Updated November 15, 2019

Manny Pacquiao is a world-renowned boxer who has dominated the ring for many years. Furthermore, the superstar is a national hero in his home country (Philippines), where he is a member of the senate. He attracts hordes of followers both nationally and internationally.

In a bid to maximize his fan base, Manny has partnered with GCOX Group launching his crypto token. The GCOX group creates value for its celebrities by helping them leverage their popularity. Through their platforms, celebrities can capitalize on blockchain technology.

The Pac token will create a close connection between Manny and his fans. Fans will be able to access the superstar’s programs, merchandise, and any other service that he may choose to offer. Such will be available through a blockchain e-wallet and e-payment option called Pacpay.

Manny Pacquiao is the first celebrity to launch his crypto-token in partnership with this group. The initiative has already set off and is expected to be very successful. Here are some things to help you familiarize with the Pac token:

Features of Pac Token

The Pac token flaunts some impressive features, which those that sign up will enjoy. Such include:

  • GCOX Exchange 
  • Those that sign up for this token will be able to access the GCOX exchange platform. In this platform, users can buy, sell, and trade in celebrity crypto tokens. 
  • Celeb-Connect

Fans will be able to access inspirational success stories by Manny as well as get their wishes attended to by the star. He will also engage the fans on a pay-per-view live-stream.

  • Fan-Connect 
  • The token offers a perfect platform for talented fans to get discovered. Fans can show what they can do, and available scouts can access them accordingly.
  • Celebreneur

The celebrity’s followers can buy his merchandise and services. Moreover, other global investors can list their products and services on this platform for a commission.


This platform offers Manny and his fans to participate in acts of charity. Manny can mobilize his supporters to contribute to his charity initiatives around the globe.

PacPay e-Wallet

This is the main feature of the Pac token. It is the official crypto exchange for this token, which also serves as a digital payment mode. This e-wallet and e-payment come as an app through which a user can purchase merchandise, while merchants can also receive payments through the same.

With a PacPay app, a user can comfortably pay for goods, buy tickets, and even book flights. This app will also allow users to purchase and manipulate their Pac Tokens and Pac credits on a mobile device. The app is straightforward, and users can monitor their transactions when they pay for goods and services. It also allows them to monitor incorporated digital assets such as BTC, ETH, ACM as well as the Pac Tokens.

PacPay will also come in handy to enable users to trade their digital assets. A user can easily convert their Pac Tokens into Pac credit with which they can purchase goods and services, when a user makes a conversion, as the sell order is placed in the GCOX exchange through Application Programming Interface. Conversion depends on the current exchange rates at the time of the request.

Other Pac Token Investors

The Pac token is built around a robust financial backbone to ensure it stands any economic wrangles. Although Manny is very wealthy, he brought on board some other high profile figures to support him. Other notable investors are the former English football player Michael Owen and Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan who is a member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family.

The Guarantee of Pac Token Success

The crypto world should brace itself for the quakes likely to be caused by the breakthrough of the Pac Token based on the following reasons:

  • Manny Pacquiao’s Popularity

Manny has his place at the pinnacle of the world’s most famous boxers. As such, he attracts vast hordes of followers across the globe. His fans are bound to join in, in this engagement

In his home country, Manny is a national hero. Not only does he occupy a top political position but also has a massive influence on account of his service to the public. Consequently, he has won over millions of religious followers whom he can influence accordingly. He is a national idol in the Philippines,

The star’s popularity in his country has prompted news of his seeking of the presidency in the future. Such an event would cause a massive demand for this token and consequently increase in value.

Based on Philippine’s population of 108million people and Manny’s popularity, there is a likelihood that this token will have a high demand.

  • Manny’s Publicity

Manny Pacquiao regularly appears on the international media, which boosts his publicity significantly. In most cases, he has received positive publicity from big news channels such as YAHOO, MSN, Channel New Asia, and CNBC. Such publicity wins him more fans and followers all over the world.


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