Margex: The Future Of Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading With Up To 100X Leverage!

By Casper Brown
February 2, 2021 Updated February 3, 2021

As the cryptocurrency market hit $1 trillion market capitalization earlier in the year, a wave of investors got in on the act – all in search of superficial growth rates. In the search for even more gains, crypto leveraged trading has also gone up a notch as traders try to amplify potential profits on their positions. 

In this article, we focus on Margex, one of the fastest-growing crypto derivatives exchanges, which offers a clean, user-friendly, and high leverage platform to professional traders – allowing them to make the most of their crypto trading.

What is Margex?

Margex is a Bitcoin-based derivatives trading platform that gives traders the ability to trade with up to 100X leverage. The platform aims at getting rid of the complex trading structure in crypto while providing a user friendly, cheap and safe platform to complete trades. 

Uniquely, Margex provides a next-gen platform built as the first community-driven exchange that allows its users to vote and choose from a set of features and even suggest new ones. This allows traders to participate in building their dream trading platform, a spokesperson from the company said. 

The Seychelles-domiciled exchange launched in 2019 providing traders access to global crypto markets and bringing a new level of comfort to traders. Users can trade Bitcoin futures with leverage on six token pairs including ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, YFI, and BTC. 

Why Margex?

Despite being relatively new in the market, Margex ranks as one of the best crypto derivatives exchanges around. And, there are several reasons why you should take a look and try the platform out.

  • Privacy: The exchange values your data privacy and does not disclose any of your personal information. Moreover, there’s no KYC on the exchange. 
  • Secure trading: Margex utilizes the most practical and highly scalable infrastructure type that even during peak market activity, enables traders to trade uninterrupted. Funds are stored in a cold wallet to ensure the highest levels of security.
  • Transparency: A clear dashboard of all your trades, orders and executions are available to you ensuring you are in control of your funds at any time. 

MP Shield System

Despite reaching a trillion-dollar market, the crypto field is still in its infancy hence the wild volatility in the market. Notwithstanding, market manipulation in the crypto market is still heavily experienced across the global market. This has led to several regulators and governments calling for increased laws and rules to govern the market. 

However, Margex is providing a unique and exclusive solution – the MP Shield – aiming to protect you from the risks of market manipulation and prevent unfair liquidations on trades. So how does the MP Shield work?

As mentioned before, Margex depends on 12+ different liquidity providers to oracle the crypto price movements. Through its AI-based algorithmic technology, Margex consistently tracks the price feeds from each liquidity provider to ensure there’s no manipulation on any of them. 

Notably, Margex focuses on providing fair and equal trading opportunities to all traders by continuously monitoring suspicious trading activities. The exchange also does not list illiquid crypto assets that are sometimes price-inflated and manipulated in ‘pump and dump’ schemes. 

Leverage trading and margin

As alluded to, Margex offers users high leverage of up to 100X of their positions, increasing their potential profits on the trade. Below is a complete table on the leverage specifications afforded to all assets on Margex:

Image: Margex/fees

The platform offers minimum leverage of 5X on each tradable asset with the minimum order size set at $1 worth of the asset.

Features of Margex

Other than the MP Shield protection system and advanced leverage trading, Margex also offers a host of features on its platform including: 

  • No Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance for traders. 
  • Highly liquid markets backed by 12 liquidity providers.
  • Lightning-fast order execution. 
  • Competitive trading fees.
  • A friendly user interface.
  • All-deal indicators (trading fees, financing, PnL, etc.) are on the screen available in real-time for any deal.
  • Adjustable isolated leverage up to 100X on all tradable assets. 
  • Simultaneous use of stop-loss/take profit for each trade
  • MP Shield System

Trading Fees, Withdrawal, and Deposits 

Deposits and withdrawals 

Margex deposits and withdrawal channels, however, are limited to Bitcoin-only proving a shortcoming for new users who wish to purchase crypto derivatives with fiat. The exchange also provides an option to buy crypto with your credit card through their third-party strategic partner, Changelly.

Withdrawals are also limited to once per day at 1.00 PM UTC since all funds are stored in a cold storage wallet for security reasons. Withdrawals are charged at 0.0005 BTC plus the variable network fee. 


Margex offers highly competitive fees across all trading instruments with the Maker’s and Taker’s fees ranging at 0.019% and 0.06% respectively. 

The exchange also offers overnight funding rates, which are based on numerous factors such as market volatility, the global ratio of open Long/Short trades, and will change accordingly. Financing costs are due every 8 hours.

The full fee structure is available here.


  • Referral program

Margex also offers clients a referral and affiliate program giving them a chance to earn passive income from their trades. Unlike other exchanges, Margex shares a fair and flat 40% of the trading commissions you earn from your referral. The payments are made daily in Bitcoin with a clear analytics system provided to keep track of your commissions. 

  • Live Demo

Want to learn to trade crypto derivatives with no risk involved? You can head over to the Margex Live Demo platform that offers you virtual funds to practice leverage and margin trading. 

  • Community-driven features 

Margex will allow users to suggest and vote on features they would like to see on the platform – in a first-of-its-kind “community-driven” exchange. This aims to establish a perfect trading platform for traders. 

Is Margex a legit project?

There are quite a number of scam projects cropping up the cryptocurrency industry but it’s safe to say Margex exchange is certainly not one of them. The exchange offers a legitimate and regulated platform that is custom built by an experienced team of developers-killing any doubts on whether the project is fake. 


Margex is gradually taking over the crypto derivatives market through its unique and user-friendly platform. Despite competing with already established exchanges such as Binance, Deribit, and Huobi, the exchange’s superior features give it a claim to become one of the best crypto derivatives exchanges in the world. 


  • What is MARGEX?

Margex is a bitcoin-based derivatives exchange (trading platform) that gives traders the ability to trade with up to 100x leverage.

  • Is wire transfer an available deposit method on Margex?

No. But users can use their credit card to deposit funds to their Margex derivatives trading account. 

  • Are US Investors permitted on Margex?

Currently, no US investors are permitted to trade on the platform. 

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