MicroStrategy Completes $650 M Convertible Notes Offering, Intends to Buy More Bitcoin

By Sunil Sharma
Published December 12, 2020 Updated December 12, 2020
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MicroStrategy Completes $650 M Convertible Notes Offering, Intends to Buy More Bitcoin

By Sunil Sharma
Published December 12, 2020 Updated December 12, 2020

MicroStrategy today announced that their $650 Million offering of 0.75% convertible senior notes is complete and is due to mature in Dec. 2025. The official blog also states that firm intends to invest the net proceeds from the convertible notes to purchase Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy to Invest Estimated Net Proceeds of $634.9 M in Bitcoin

MicroStrategy and CEO Michael Saylor are now well followed names in crypto trading world. The firm has already bought more than 40,000 Bitcoins and is still investing in top cryptocurrency. Recently, firm announced offering of senior convertible notes at an annual interest rate of 0.75%. The firm announced its plan to raise $400 Million by offering convertible notes and utilize the sales to purchase more Bitcoins on Dec. 8th, 2020.

As mentioned in official blog the sum total amount of notes sold in the offering was $650 Million and the notes will mature on December, 2025. Another point to be worth notifying was the net sale from the proceeding which are estimated to be around $634.9 Million.

The blog states that MicroStrategy intends to invest this net proceed of $634.9 Million to Bitcoin [BTC]

MicroStrategy will invest the amount in Bitcoin in accordance with its treasury reserve policy and is pending identification of corporate purpose and capital needs.

Why Institutions are Feeling Bitcoin FOMO?

As we see the major reason why every Institution wants to jump into Bitcoin seems to be the eroding value of dollar. With more and more free money being distributed by Govt. as stimulus dollar is getting weaker with every passing month. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor in an interview said,

“What we’re trying to do is preserve our treasury, the purchasing power of the cash is debasing rapidly.”

US Dollar has lost almost 10% of its value against foreign currencies since peaking in march and reached its lowest level in August since 2018.

It is only a matter of time that most institutions start investing in Bitcoin as a hedge against eroding value of US Dollar.




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