More Trouble For Crypto? 9/10 Central Banks Are Developing CBDCs

By Ashish Kumar
May 6, 2022 Updated May 6, 2022
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A recent survey by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) shows that roughly nine out of 10 central banks are planning a digital currency (CBDC).

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) operates similarly to a crypto token, but its overall supply and pricing is centralized. Some countries are looking to adopt the method as an alternative for crypto.

For example, China rolled out a digital yuan this year after banning crypto in 2021. Authorities view CBDCs as offering the same functions as a cryptocurrency, but with better regulatory oversight.

This aspect of CBDCs could diminish the real-world demand for crypto, damaging its rate of adoption.

CBDC piloting doubles since last year

BIS’s report mentioned that 9 out of the 10 Central banks are engaged in some kind of steps involved in the issuance of CBDC. Meanwhile, only 50% of the economies are running them on practical assessment. The BIS has mentioned two types of CBDCs in the survey. One is Retail CBDCs which are considered as designed for the general public daily use while the other Wholesale CBDC will focus on the large cross border payments proficiency.

The survey cites that the evolution of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies amid Covid19 has pushed the development of CBDC. The most economically advanced countries say that the development of Digital currency involvement has been done to attain financial stability.

The United States is also looking at the possibility of a digital dollar. In an executive order released in March, President Joe Biden had asked the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury to collaborate over the matter.

Central Banks prefer retail over wholesale

However, BIS reported that almost 7 out of 10 central banks are considering launching retail digital currency in the short or medium term. The piloting of digital currencies has seen an almost doubled from 14% to 26% compared to last year. Meanwhile, 6 out of 10 economies are in the proof of concept phase.

The report attains that Banks are working more on retail CBDCs than Wholesale ones. Advanced economies are looking to use it as improving domestic payments’ safety and efficiency. It also aims to boost its financial insertion. Around 20% of the Central banks are either developing or testing retail Digital currency. It is also the double of Banks focusing on piloting Wholesale CBDC.

Meanwhile, it also mentioned that 10% of surveyed jurisdictions are making suitable laws to roll out CBDC. Soon, more than 30% of the Central Banks will be ready with legal authority for the launch. However, one fourth of the banks still lacks a legal framework while 40% remain unsure.

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