Top 10 Penny Cryptocurrencies – Cheap Altcoins To Invest

By Nilesh Maurya
Published May 22, 2019 Updated June 23, 2020

Top 10 Penny Cryptocurrencies – Cheap Altcoins To Invest

As the crypto markets are maturing and more and more investors across the globe are flocking to get their share of it. To maximize their profit from cryptos many of these investors are also bringing in tried and tested stock market strategies and techniques to crypto markets. One such strategy that is gaining strong ground in crypto markets is investing in Penny cryptocoins.

What are “Penny Cryptocurrencies”

Investing in penny coins is very much similar to investing in penny stocks. Hence a lot of learning could be drawn from the capital markets as to how this investing technique works. By simplified definitions, a penny stock is any stock that trades for less than $5 per share. The SEC used to define it as a stock that traded for less than $1, but with growing inflation SEC had to revisit the same.

In terms of investment strategies, many investors take penny stocks investing to be high-risk investments, but that purely depends on case to case basis. While risk is the name of the game what attracts most investors, here is the counterpoint of this which is the potential for making big bucks and getting higher reward. Most investors find it difficult to trade penny stocks, but if traded carefully and if the trades are based on proper research and market history these investments usually deliver huge returns. The same principals apply to crypto coins.

How To Pick A Winning “Penny Cryptocoin”

Picking up penny stocks which could turn out to multi-baggers is an art and very few have been able to master it. But the one that has stuck to some basic rules have definitely made some good bucks. Again like the definition and strategy itself, if these capital market rules of picking up penny stocks are applied to crypto markets one can definitely pick up some good coins and possibly make some handsome profits.

Usually, penny stocks/coins have some specific qualities which separate the winners from the losers. The possible ways to identify them is –

  1. Research the Project: The first and foremost step of identifying a penny stock is a quick research on the project, its team and the possible roadmap. In terms of the project, one will have to identify whether the project actually is purposeful or provides a solution. A lot of coins which came in the rising wave of 2017 dint actually have a use case and ultimately their price plummeted to zero. While research one also has to see the team involved in the project- credibility and their dedication to the project is critical here.
  2. Understanding Volatility: One of the next big things you’ll look for when choosing a penny coin is price volatility. With penny coins, one would necessarily not want tokens that are moving slowly or down-trending for months at a time; rather, pick up one which definitely looking for stocks that are rapidly spiking. One needs to remember; volatility is a good thing. It means there’s action, whether up or down, that can potentially get you WAY ahead.
  3. Volume is Important: Ignoring volume is kind of a newbie mistake which most novice investors lose their money in as they get fixated on looking for stocks that are moving. Ignoring volume is a huge error that can ultimately make anyone lose their monies. The fact is, volatility isn’t the only factor that can help in determining strong choices when choosing good penny stocks. Liquidity matters too, and no matter how enticing a company’s press release may look, if there’s not much volume behind it, it is usually an avoid. A good volume of a crypto coin shows that means that there’s interest in that coin and if an investor plans to sell he won’t struggle to find a buyer.
  4. Inflection Event: For a penny coin to spike positively, it needs an inflection event or a catalyst which will provide fuel to it. Be it a strong fundamental event or key partnership or a thing that precipitates an event could act as a catalyst for the coin to rise. Being able to scout the news and the world for events can give an investor insight into what types of catalysts might be worth and potentially make a stock worth the investment.
  5. What others are saying: The easiest way to pick a penny coin but yes with cautions. If one knows the art of separating actual news from rumour mill then practically this is the way they should go. To identify the news, one will defiantly have to be well versed with key fundamental facts within and around the project.


The Top 10 Penny Cryptocurrencies

Since the rules of the game are now listed out, we thought of giving you guys the top 10 names that seem to be turning multi-baggers in years to come.


XRP logo made by coingape

Ripple’ XRP is one of the top coins that is under a dollar mark. In terms of market capitalization, XRP is third only to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Launched in 2012, the Ripple protocol offers users access to its network with the intent to transfer money. It does not matter how large or small the transaction is that takes place. Ripple keeps user costs low by using a common ledger. This ledger is validated and maintained by a network of servers which are continually comparing transactions. Therefore, Ripple doesn’t require the energy-hungry PoW requirements that make Bitcoin unappealing to some investors.

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While the project has demonstrated its strength and a lot of financial institutions, Ripple is waiting on a federal case that will determine whether or not the cryptocurrency is a security. While this remains a hurdle, still Ripple fate would be decided based on how widely payment processors, banks, and other financial institutions use it.

XRP Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.375584
  • ROI- 6,294.17%
  • Market Rank- 3
  • Market Cap- $15,824,576,447 USD
  • Total Supply- 99,991,633,428 XRP
  • Max Supply- 100,000,000,000 XRP
  • All-time High- $3.84 USD (Jan 04, 2018)
  • All-time Low- $0.002802 USD (Jul 07, 2014)


Tron (TRX)

tron logo

One of the few tokens to had some positive developments and sentiments even in the sluggish 2018 was Tron. Firstly what started as the TRX quickly launched its MainNet and migrated there. This was followed up the TVM , that officially allowed developers to now have Dapp’s on Tron’s MainNet. Later in 2018, Tron’s founder Justin Sun grabbed headlines when he acquired BitTorrent, a P2P file sharing service last year. Tron will launch the BitTorrent token (BTT) in February 2019.

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Always been termed as an Ethereum clone, owing to its staggering similarities with the blockchain it originated on, Tron has demonstrated that it is more scalable than Ethereum and is currently and has huge scope to be the home of several popular decentralized applications as well.

TRX Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.027036 USD
  • ROI- 1,218.05%
  • Market Rank- 11
  • Market Cap- $1,802,844,556 USD
  • Total Supply- 99,281,283,754 TRX
  • Max Supply- No Data
  • All-time High- $0.300363 USD (Jan 05, 2018)
  • All-time Low- $0.001091 USD (Sep 15, 2017)


Stellar (XLM)

Stellar logo

An XRP competitor, Stellar is a cryptocurrency specifically built to offer an efficient and quick method to send international payments. The aim is to do so while avoiding a lot of the fees typically encountered when sending global payments. Many people make use of a financial service like PayPal for online international transactions. Unfortunately, PayPal wants their “cut” which is 5% of each payment. However, Stellar offers these same transactions at a fraction of the cost.

With exactly trying to do what Ripple is doing, Stellar differentiates itself by the target market it is focusing on. Instead of targeting large financial institutions, as Ripple does, Steller is focusing on individuals. Hence the investor who see individual markets as a huge opportunity, believe Stellar to rock in the near future.

XLM Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.130356 USD
  • ROI- 4,280.69%
  • Market Rank- 9
  • Market Cap- $2,500,909,779 USD
  • Total Supply- 104,982,420,568 XLM
  • Max Supply- No Data
  • All Time High- $0.938144 USD (Jan 04, 2018)
  • All Time Low- $0.001227 USD (Nov 18, 2014)



IOTA logo

IOTA grabs attention even as a penny stock is because of its involvement with the artificial intelligence industry. Basically, IOTA plans to use a decentralized value exchange, which will allow machines to communicate amongst themselves. IOTA (IOTA) is a distributed ledger for the Internet of Things that uses a directed acyclic graph (DAG) as a ledger instead of a conventional blockchain referred to as Tangle.

Tangle provides instant and free transactions in a trustless and permissionless environment. Additionally, the technology is more secure and scalable than blockchain. This innovative concept which lacks any real competition makes IOTA the first in the decentralized AI sector.

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Given the fact that IOTA is targeting the AI and IoT industries and want to take it to the next level makes many investors confident in the long-term success of this coin.

IOTA Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.383307 USD
  • ROI- (39.97%)
  • Market Rank- 15
  • Market Cap- $1,065,412,604 USD
  • Total Supply- 2,779,530,283 MIOTA
  • Max Supply- 2,779,530,283 MIOTA
  • All Time High- $5.69 USD (Dec 19, 2017)
  • All Time Low- $0.001091 USD (Sep 15, 2017)


Cardano (ADA)

cardano logo

A project with a smart and strong team, Cardano is considered one of the most significant threats to Ethereum’s supremacy. With an efficient and forward-looking roadmap with strict timelines, this cryptocurrency delivers a more functional and easier to use smart contract. While some view Cardano as an ambitious company – it has yet to realize many of its milestones – the currency could turn the smart contract world on its head if it can deliver.

This is where the dilemma is and the investors feel that the project may not be able to implement the milestones listed on its roadmap and the challenge lies in turning their concepts into a reality in a working system. If Cardano can deliver on its roadmap, the investors in Cardona will surely have fortunes turned their way.

Cardona Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.080068 USD
  • ROI- 269.35%
  • Market Rank- 10
  • Market Cap- $2,075,917,011 USD
  • Total Supply- 31,112,483,745 ADA
  • Max Supply- 45,000,000,000 ADA
  • All Time High- $1.33 USD (Jan 04, 2018)
  • All Time Low- $0.017354 USD (Oct 01, 2017)


Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT logo

Digital Advertising has grown leaps and bound and here is a cryptocurrency that focuses on that- Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT aims to create a platform which helps to eliminate intermediaries in the digital advertising space. The company does this by paying internet users directly for their participation in the BAT community. Simply put, content creators have a platform on which they can put their content. At the same time, consumers browse the web, with BAT tokens used as an incentive.

BAT plans to connect users with content producers allowing them to earn BAT while they do so, is why BAT is making noise in the world of cryptocurrency.

BAT Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.386738 USD
  • ROI- 129.89%
  • Market Rank- 23
  • Market Cap- $488,027,406 USD
  • Total Supply- 1,500,000,000 BAT
  • Max Supply- No Data
  • All Time High- $0.980702 USD (Jan 09, 2018)
  • All Time Low- $0.066209 USD (Jul 16, 2017)



 icon logo

ICON is a cryptocurrency project which focuses on a dApps platform created to allow companies to share information privately and securely easily. This digital currency lets independent blockchains connect back to a core chain. The central blockchain is controlled and managed by its own rules. However, ICON does not sacrifice compatibility in the process.

In the future, ICON plans to focus on several key areas, including education, healthcare, banking, and insurance. Its development team plans to release specific tools which will coincide with the company’s efforts as it expands into each sector.

ICON plans to use 2019 as its opportunity to promote and spread the word about its technology. This and other efforts in the works for the ICON coin makes this a great cryptocurrency to keep an eye on in 2019.

ICON Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.375207 USD
  • ROI- -8.24%
  • Market Rank- 44
  • Market Cap- $177,625,674 USD
  • Total Supply- 800,460,000 ICX
  • Max Supply- No Data
  • All-Time High- $12.64 USD (Jan 09, 2018)
  • All Time Low- $0.181131 USD (Feb 06, 2019)



 nem logo

NEM is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that allows multiple ledgers to coexist on one blockchain. NEM Smart Assets allows users to create mosaics which can represent any asset (e.g. currency). All transactions in NEM have transaction fee associated with them and denomination used to pay for transactions is mosaic named XEM. This native currency, XEM, is ‘harvested’ using its POI (Proof-of-Importance) algorithm. The ‘importance’ of NEM users is determined by the number of coins they have and the number of transactions associated with their wallet.

While the project seems to be useful in many ways, its blockchain software is used in a commercial blockchain called Mijin, which is being tested by financial institutions and private companies in Japan and internationally. This is the inflection point where investors feel NEM can be a multi-bagger.

NEM Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $0.088201 USD
  • ROI- > 9000%
  • Market Rank- 19
  • Market Cap- $793,812,983 USD
  • Total Supply- 8,999,999,999 XEM
  • Max Supply- No Data
  • All-Time High- $2.09 USD (Jan 04, 2018)
  • All Time Low- $0.000079 USD (Sep 15, 2015)


Tezos (XTZ)

 tezos logo

According to the website, Tezos is a new decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth. The project also is dedicated to smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) much like Ethereum and EOS and uses Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and allows all stakeholders to participate in the verification of transactions. What bought Tezos to limelight was its ICO which allowed it to raise over $232 million in 2017.

After the ICO, while the project too had hiccups of internal conflicts and some class action lawsuits, the project is still highly attractive because it facilitates formal verification and flexible on-chain governance. The plethora of use cases that the coin and its blockchain can offer is something the investors seem to be still interesting and that could be a reason the coin could go flying.

XTZ Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $1.67 USD
  • ROI- 255.59%
  • Market Rank- 14
  • Market Cap- $1,102,784,967 USD
  • Total Supply- 794,642,695 XTZ
  • Max Supply- No Data
  • All Time High- $12.19 USD (Dec 17, 2017)
  • All Time Low- $0.314631 USD (Dec 07, 2018)


Ontology (ONT)

 tezos logo

Ontology describes itself as a provider of high-performance public blockchains, which includes distributed ledger and smart contract systems. Its blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems that can be customized for different applications. Ontology aims to constantly provide common modules on the underlying infrastructure for different kinds of distributed scenarios, such as those for the distributed digital identity framework and distributed data exchange protocol. Ontology intends to continue developing new common modules based on specific scenario requirements.

Ontology is the only project that Vitalik supports as an advisor and like many of its competitors, Ontology too uses a dual token (ONT and ONG) model. ONT is a coin and can be used for staking in consensus, whereas ONG is a utility token used for on-chain services. ONT releases ONG periodically. While a lot of it features are similar to its competitors, Ontology’s ability to support collaboration among chain networks with its various protocol groups keeps investors interested.

Ontology Details from Coinmarketcap

  • Price- $1.32 USD
  • ROI- -49.74%
  • Market Rank- 21
  • Market Cap- $652,312,076 USD
  • Total Supply- 1,000,000,000 ONT
  • Max Supply- No Data
  • All-Time High- $11.18 USD (May 03, 2018)
  • All Time Low- $0.438009 USD (Dec 15, 2018)


While investing in penny crypto coins may sound interesting, an investor should take time to analyze all the factors that help him understand before he takes a decision. One should gather all relevant information and data to determine whether or not the coins listed here are ones that align with your investment strategy.

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