Petcare Innovation – The Blockchain Approach

By Guest Author
Published November 12, 2019 Updated November 12, 2019
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Petcare Innovation – The Blockchain Approach

By Guest Author
Published November 12, 2019 Updated November 12, 2019

Pets have been an enormous part of human civilization for ages, and nothing can compare to the joy of coming back home to your loyal companion. These little bundles of sunshine are illuminating your mundane lives with their love and care for you and have become an integral part of your family.

Not only that, but they even reduce your stress, enhance your heart health, and help little kids with their emotional and social skills. Because of this, the line between humans and pets is blurring, and the pet care industry is booming all around the world.

It has been said that by 2023, the pet care industry expects to rise to $281 billion, according to data from market research firm Edge by Ascential.

But how to know, in which way, this ever-growing market can be handled that is legal, smooth, transparent and all of these things don’t burn a hole in your pocket?

Well, thanks to technology, you can turn to a new digital tech called Blockchain to protect your pet. Now, the question remains, how it will benefit the pet care industry? Will it create enough transparency for the pet owners to feel about their pets? Blockchain

What is Blockchain, and how is it related to petcare innovation?

The blockchain is undeniably ingenious innovation that is being dubbed as the new internet. In simple terms, Blockchain is a time-stamped series of a perpetual record of data that is managed by a host of computers, and not an individual entity can own and manipulate the data.

Each of these “blocks” of data is ensured and “chain” to each other using cryptographic systems.

Usually, pet parents are worried about the quality of the ingredients in the food they feed their animals. One of the major cases happened back in 2007 when the pet food supply chain that has been supplying foods for pets across North America and Europe had been contaminated and was causing kidney failure and deaths in pets.

Though it took time to find the exact reason behind this case, the culprit was eventually identified as melamine crystals which can be found in wheat gluten that had been sourced from a company in Asia.

As the supply chain was so unified, many major pet food brands were affected due to this, which is why, to this day, customers are very much wary about the quality of their pet food, and with the recent advancement in Agricultural Technology, many companies are adopting Blockchain tech to ensure a greater level of transparency within the supply chain.

Blockchain technology helps suppliers and purchasers monitor food quality from grain to harvest to packaging. Buyers can also ensure that farmers, for their jurisdiction, have pursued growing and packaging laws.

This simplifies logistics and eliminates the need for the infinite trust brokers needed for the procurement method of today. It is not only possible to monitor dietary values, but it is also possible to track and verify the increasing conditions of each ingredient.

The virtual contracts are sufficiently transparent, so nobody can manipulate them, ensuring the food quality which alleviates the concerns.

The benefits of using a blockchain platform

Customers all around the world can chuck their worry out of the window to ensure the safety of their beloved pets by using Blockchain technology. With blockchain technology, pet owners can ensure the information about their pet digitally, which can neither be manipulated and controlled by others nor centrally located.

It keeps a record of each stage when the goods reach the buyer, apparently allowing the place and time where the negligence is to be marked and highlights the data to control the obstacles in the situation.

No one can deny the failure to follow the defined process from growers, packers to distributors. The proof enables correction and facilitates action against the deception.

Blockchain’s greatest advantage is the ability to transmit all kinds of data. Blockchain can effectively store data from any device, including robots, sensors, and microchips, from the reproduction history of an animal to its annual veterinary care, health records, pet show honors, coaching certifications, etc.

So, turning to Blockchain will not only help you to ensure safety for your pets but also helping in growing customers in the pet care industry. Moreover, it’s cheaper as it reduces costs at operational levels. The blockchain tech is helping by elimination the verification process.

As it aids by reducing the excessive documentation and hassle of paper money, the pet industry is gradually leaning toward Blockchain technology.

How is blockchain entering the pet industry?

In the 90s, after the emergence of the internet, the pet food industry has grown into the billion-dollar industry and keeps on growing to date. The second phase had started when blockchain technology entered the pet industry with petcare innovation.

It is helping by bring profit and ensuring the security of pets, which makes it easier to run.

Pawtocol is a leading tech startup that is helping pet owners to veterinarians all around the world by using the blockchain platform. Their mobile app allows pet parents to record their beloved pet’s dietary information, which can be accessed from any device, at any time. Moreover, one can directly contact the vet through the app and get their problems solved without much hassle.

CogniPet is another startup that has already adopted Blockchain technology to enhance their business and maximize their customer satisfaction. They use Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain combined to identify your pet by a series of images that are stored in their data. Not only images but also information too helps in establishing the pedigree connection. Furthermore, it helps you to obtain legal documents like digital certificates, ownership certificates, etc.

This brings us to another tech startup, HealthyTail, which is the first veterinary blockchain aiming at the health and longevity of your pet. One of the primary issues HealthyTail is attempting to fix is the pure breed of cats and dogs, which is difficult because of harmful mutation.

These pure breeds have several issues that are specific to the breed. The issue is that there are so many pure breeds out there these days that there is a lack of information on what issues they may have in relative to the number of animals impacted.

Through the blockchain platform, they are managing all the data, from genomic data to analyzing them for any disease and later on, suggesting treatment accordingly.

With the combination of Blockchain technology and pet tech startups, the pet industry is going through a long-term renovation by offering modern solutions for the 21st-century ever-growing problems.


The petcare innovation is taking the pet care industry to horizons, and it is expected that the global pet care industry will continue to boom unabatedly in the coming times, and through the convergence of state-of-the-art technologies, the pet industry market will grow into a multi-billion-dollar business.

By using blockchain technology, pet keepers will be granted peace of mind about the welfare of their pets by offering them with a useful and simple alternative to locate and communicate with their pet care community. Not only that, but it’s also hassle-free and will take care of your pet’s security through and thorough.

So, if you love pets and are fascinated by Blockchain, then join us on Telegram to learn more about how blockchain is innovating the Petcare industry.


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