Phemex Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches its Learn and Earn Program

By Stan Peterson
Published June 30, 2021 Updated June 30, 2021
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Phemex Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches its Learn and Earn Program

By Stan Peterson
Published June 30, 2021 Updated June 30, 2021

Singapore-based Phemex cryptocurrency exchange has launched its Learn and Earn program with the ultimate aim of rewarding users as they acquire more knowledge in the digital currency ecosystem. Through the Learn & Earn campaign, Phemex has simplified various crypto, blockchain, and platform concepts into multiple courses and lessons with fun and easy-to-understand videos.

The growth of digital assets and the diversity in multiple trading platforms have brought in healthy competition in the ecosystem, all to the benefit of consumers. The Learn & Earn campaign was birthed by Phemex in order to reward its community members while letting them add to their knowledge bank. Based on the design of the program, users are required to test their knowledge at the end of each lesson with a short quiz. Users who are able to answer all questions correctly will be given a free reward in the form of trading bonuses or even some cryptos!

The value-added service on offer by Phemex is billed to help it contribute to the spread of knowledge of the space. This giving-back strategy is vital in helping to push the agenda of the global cryptocurrency industry onto mainstream adoption. The fun and rewarding way to disseminate information and knowledge about key projects, products, and concepts in the space is essential in drawing new users towards the emerging asset classes.

Accompanying Social Media Promotions

The new Learn & Earn program will be succeeded by two social media campaigns as detailed by the trading platform. The first entails a Double Giveaway scheduled to span from June 17 to 24th and will see users who complete their Learn & Earn tasks receive double of their earnings within this period. The accrued bonuses earned will be distributed a week after the slated end of the campaign.

The double giveaway will be succeeded by the Lucky Draw, which is billed to run from June 25 and July 2. Under this campaign, users who complete their tasks on the next official Gleam Campaign page will be eligible to participate in a lucky draw. As announced by the exchange, a total of 20 qualified participants will be chosen and rewarded with $100 in trading bonuses each. Based on the campaign’s structure, users get to secure more opportunities to win the trading bonus

Adherence to Platform’s General Rules and Eligibility

Based on previous campaigns, Phemex exchange will prohibit the use of multiple accounts or avenues to cheat the system. The company’s services are still largely only available to users in approved jurisdictions, as the company adheres strictly to regulatory standards. 

The trading bonuses awarded can be used for Perpetual contracts on the Phemex exchange. To be eligible to participate in this campaign, all users must first complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Users must take note that some rewards may only be available on a limited basis, and Phemex reserves the right to modify the reward structure at any time.

Further details about the campaign will be disseminated through the exchange’s official social media platforms including but not limited to Twitter and Telegram.


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