PR: Blockchain-based project JCT will let you explore Japan even better

By Guest Author
Published January 24, 2019 Updated June 14, 2019
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PR: Blockchain-based project JCT will let you explore Japan even better

By Guest Author
Published January 24, 2019 Updated June 14, 2019

Have you ever visited a culture-rich country and found yourself lost in the crowd, not knowing what the best utilization of your vacation would be? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Almost all of us have faced this, particularly in countries like Japan that are flooded with content like experiences, events, cuisines, ethnicities, and cultural history.

Japan Content Token (JCT) project has been commenced. From all things popular to the hidden classics, from the world heritage sites to the local wonders, this project lets users have access to all the critical content.

What further enhances the user experience is that the JCT project has been built using the distributed ledger technology, blockchain. With such technical advancements, it adds various values of transparency, fairness, and security along with other process efficiencies. Unlike other blockchain projects, the Japan Content Token is the first one to be backed by real businesses, a robust development system, and a team with extensive experience and expertise.

The ecosystem that such a diverse pool of ‘contents’ can create along with all the untapped resources that are provided to the tourists is unimaginably efficient. Particularly reaching out to the rapidly growing economies of Asia, the synergies that can be created are huge and unique. With 2020 Olympics scheduled for Tokyo, there are extreme gains that can be leveraged via the JCT platform.

Tourists visiting Japan and leveraging the Japan Content Token will have access to tickets, reservations rights, and extra credits. On top of all these benefits, the project also allows a resale of tickets and reservations. The platform that the project uses for ticket distribution is JaCKET. All the content is backed by Discover Japan, one of the most popular and reliable magazines for tourists as well as natives alike.  

There is a lot that this project has to offer, and it is further validated by the founding team. From people with content-rich expertise to blockchain industry experts, there is a unity in diversity. It is also supported by prominent venture capitalists who have several investment success stories to share. The team is leveraging its knowledge and experience to leverage blockchain and smart contracts for enhanced security, fair pricing, and tamper-proof transactions. With such benefits and a benevolent vision, the JCT project has been successful in creating the quintessential buzz in the industry and continues to do so.



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