ProfitFarmers: Successful crypto-trading without the headache?

By Casper Brown
Published October 17, 2020 Updated October 17, 2020

ProfitFarmers: Successful crypto-trading without the headache?

Imagine, You’re taking a walk, the cool air and bright sunlight mix together for the perfe- *Ding* – a notification just popped up on your phone… Oh! It’s from ProfitFarmers, your signal copy-trading platform.

“New Trading Signal Available”

You click to open the ProfitFarmers mobile app. 30 seconds pass by and you close the app, continuing your walk in the warm sun. In those 30 seconds, you started an automated process designed to fully-assist you making trades that look like these:

– Apparently, that’s how simple signal copy-trading with ProfitFarmers can be. But before talking about ProfitFarmers:

This is NOT A GET RICH QUICK scheme. I can’t promise you anything, especially mansions or Ferraris! I’d rather buy BitConnect than sit here and write about something like that…

Okay, now that you understand what this is NOT, have another glance at those green boxes above.

They came from ProfitFarmers’ trading signals. Apparently, anyone could have copied those same trades with “just a few clicks of a button”.

ProfitFarmers says they handle all the trading from entry-to-exit through the Binance exchange. No chart starting, price alarms or constant stress.

I bet you’re thinking: “No way! It’s impossible for ProfitFarmers to work THAT well.”

Well, find out for yourself in this speedy review!

The most important things about ProfitFarmers:

  • Say hello to Matthew Tansley, the founder – His face is all over the place! It seems like Mr. Tansley has no need to hide from the public eye like most other crypto-business founders do…
  • ZERO commissions & fees on trades. Because everything happens through Binance, ProfitFarmers has absolutely no ability to take any cuts
  • Your trading capital stays inside Binance. NOT ProfitFarmers. To give traders the best security and features, ProfitFarmers connects to Binance through an API integration. The money you make lands directly into your wallet, giving you access to withdraw whenever you want.
  • Their company is registered in the E.U – Most crypto-companies hide themselves away in tax-havens… I guess legitimate businesses don’t need to.

How do ProfitFarmers Trading Signals work?

Explore with this interactive signal:

It’s a bit like eToro with their social copy-trading. But instead of copying random strangers, you use ProfitFarmers’ signals. (Much better than eToro’s disclaimer for 78% of traders losing money on their platform…)

You just pick a trading signal from their dashboard, enter how much money you want to trade with and hit confirm. Then, ProfitFarmers connects with Binance to perform the trade on your behalf.

Their trading signals also have a built-in stop loss. If prices go too far the wrong way, ProfitFarmers will automatically exit the trade for you. No more sleepless nights tracking prices!

How well do their Trading Signals perform?

I’ve taken these results data straight from their website:

That’s an average win rate of about 75% over the last few months. Basically, if you follow 10 signals then around 7 would have made you some money.

Have you ever been that successful trading on your own? I certainly have NOT!

Are their results real?

Let’s be honest, these results kinda sound a bit too-good-to-be-true. Having used it myself, I’ve found 5 reasons why we can believe their results:

  1. There are video testimonials of publicly-searchable (real) people making money with ProfitFarmers.
  2. They explain exactly how they calculate results. This shows us that they don’t tell ‘white-lies’.
  3. They can’t fake results within your Binance wallet!
  4. They’ve created a lot of content about how their system functions. Why would anyone teach lessons about something that doesn’t work?
  5. Every week, their founder (Tansley) makes a video talking about their results. He’d have to be stupid to risk his reputation promoting fake results…

See more about the result->

Final Thoughts

The best thing:

How ProfitFarmers makes your trades for you through Binance after selecting a signal is down-right awesome.

You no longer have to spend hours looking for what to trade, manually placing those trades and then staying up all night watching the prices move around.

ProfitFarmers is an all-in-one tool for making profitable trades without all the hassle.

The worst thing:

It’s likely that not everyone reading my review will be able to useProfitFarmers. Their website says they have to limit the number of members.

Apparently, this is because too many people using the same signals will reduce their effectiveness. They want to make sure the people who do use ProfitFarmers get the best experience (and profitability) possible.

I’m not really sure how limited memberships are, but considering it’s a new software, it’s likely that memberships are going fast.

Check Availability now ->

How do I know if ProfitFarmers is for me?

If you:

  • Understand the risks involved with trading cryptocurrencies
  • Already have some money to make trades with (€3,000 or more)
  • Accept that you WON’T become a millionaire overnight

Then it sounds like ProfitFarmers is for you!

How come I need €3,000?

You can’t make money trading without having money to start making trades with (obviously).

ProfitFarmers recommends its users to have at least 3K EUR, “-as anything less could limit your profitability”. I guess they’re referring to the membership fees.

JUST REMEMBER, the money you trade with is always under your control. It stays inside your Binance wallet, not ProfitFarmers.

Now you’ve finished reading this ProfitFarmers review! To find out more or try ProfitFarmers for yourself, click the button below. Happy trading! 🙂

       Learn more about ProfitFarmers ->


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