Rafal Szymanski & FuturoCoin: How Are Those Two Connected?

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Popular cryptocurrency FuturoCoin was used as a means of payment on 24BAS exchange at the end of February 2019. The coins were earlier earned by the users of BannersApp – an advertising application that reached 500.000 audiences in only 5 months since its launch. The app popularity spread over 1900 countries worldwide among brands and advertisers. Since FuturoCoin is the only cryptocurrency available in BannersApp, does it mean that there is something more than just a common partnership?

Not exactly. Even though BannersApp founder Rafal Szymanski didn’t add any other coins to his app so far, it doesn’t mean that he issued the coin himself or has anything to do with its management at FutureNet.

What is BannersApp?

An advertising network called EasyVisual was earlier created by GTM (GlobalTechMakers) – Rafal’s development company. BannersApp is a mobile application which allows brands to promote their products through EasyVisual with the help of smartphones. The network itself has over 3,5 million users now and has a highly responsive and reliable audience of potential customers.

What is there between FutureNet and BannersApp?

FutureNet is an actual FuturoCoin issuer. The coin is used in the app as a means of payment while BannersApp founder has partnership relations with FutureNet. Rafal Szymanski is a quite successful businessman who knows a lot of people in the IT world not only as friends but as well as partners. The entrepreneur never denied the fact that he is in good relations with FutureNet founders Roman Ziemian and Stefan Morgenstern. GTM has a partnership agreement with FutureNet and helped it with the issues regarding development in several projects. Besides, Rafal Szymanski is a board member in FutureNet Foundation – a charity organization created with the support from FutureNet. However, it’s a non-profit one and has nothing to do with the rest of FutureNet products.

Why FuturoCoin?

Rafal Szymanski decided to use FuturoCoin in BannersApp not only due to his partnership with FutureNet. FTO paid to users for viewing the ads is also a digital asset with high liquidity and good potential for further trading. Its daily turnover now exceeds $600,000. No surprise if we see Rafal Szymanski and FutureNet working together in the future.

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