Reddit Partners With Ethereum Foundation To Probe New Scaling Solutions

By Sahana Kiran
Published June 19, 2020 Updated June 19, 2020
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Reddit Partners With Ethereum Foundation To Probe New Scaling Solutions

By Sahana Kiran
Published June 19, 2020 Updated June 19, 2020

The Ethereum Foundation has entered into a partnership with social media platform, Reddit seeking scaling solutions. These scaling solutions are required for its Ethereum-based rewards system, “Community Points.”

Scaling Solutions Required To Simulate Community Points Usage For 100K users


The Ethereum network has established a stronghold on social media platform Reddit. The Ethereum Foundation and Reddit have elevated their association with a new partnership. Earlier today, the social media website published a post titled “The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off”, elaborating about the latest collaboration.

In the post, Reddit was seen urging people to present their Ethereum scaling projects. However, these scaling solutions are expected to bring ‘Community Points’ to the mainnet. Community Points was a recent addition to the social media platform where posts and comments of users would get them points. These could further be used to avail other premium features on the platform.

Emphasizing on the motive of the latest partnership, Reddit wrote,

“Our goal is to find a solution that will support hundreds of thousands of Community Points users on mainnet today, and can eventually scale to all of Reddit (430 million monthly users).”

The platform penned down a list of guidelines that were required to be followed by the applicants. Further, the scaling experts were given a deadline of 31 July 2020. The post highlighted that the scaling solutions that were already put in place incline towards “optimizing for transfers.” Reportedly, most of the scaling designs turn a blind eye towards the cost of acquiring tokens or entering the scaling system, however, the community points distributions have “costed an order of magnitude more gas than all the other operations combined.”

Furthermore, the post pointed out the inclusions that the demo was required to embody.



The requirements of the scaling solution ranged from scaling, decentralization, usability, interoperability as well as security. The scaling solution would be obliged to manage, 100,000 point claims (minting & distributing points), 25,000 subscriptions, 75,000 one-off points burning, and 100,000 transfers over a period of 5 days. These solutions would also need to be easy to use. The compatibility of the solution with other applications should also be kept in mind.

Additionally, Reddit pointed out that the applicants would gain fame, however, no prize would be given to the chosen one.

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