’s CEO Roger Ver is Not Being Sued After All

By Casper Brown
Published May 4, 2018 Updated May 4, 2018
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Roger Ver
Roger Ver’s CEO Roger Ver is Not Being Sued After All

By Casper Brown
Published May 4, 2018 Updated May 4, 2018

After getting a lot of attention, the fraud lawsuit against and Roger Ver is being closed down due to a shortfall in its donations.

Lack of funds marks the end of the lawsuit

In the latest development on the fraud lawsuit against and its Founder and CEO Roger Ver, there will be no further legal action pursued due to the lack of appropriate funds.

It all started when a Telegram group was started named “ lawsuit/victims” which gained a lot of attention, gathering over 1000 members. The lawsuit has some big names involved as well.’s CEO Roger Ver is a vocal Bitcoin Cash supporter who claims Bitcoin Cash to be the real Bitcoin. The group members cited the website misleading the Bitcoin users into buying Bitcoin Cash when they wanted Bitcoin instead, the reason for seeking a lawsuit.

A few days back, the webpage of the got fixed which used to represent Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin.

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At least, made the required changes

In little time, the lawsuit gained a lot of steam, however, now it might not go forward as the creator of the group MoneyTrigz stated that he is considering shutting the lawsuit down. Reportedly, the initiative received only $4,000 in donation and now, MoneyTrigz is planning to refund the amount, explaining:

“Due to lack of donations we decided to cancel the initiative and refund the 33 transactions received a total of 0.39btc, we are happy at least we were able to make an impact with changing 90% of its disinformation campaign which was accomplished on our own dime and awareness with help from the media.”

Though some in the group were not happy with the decision, without the appropriate funds there isn’t much that can be done. The majority of the group members were happy with the lawsuit’s effect pointing out the fact that has made the changes in their website.

Well, the idea of the lawsuit did result in one good thing for the bitcoin users. Looks like and Roger Ver are out of any legal trouble now.

What are your views on the lawsuit getting pulled off due to lack of funds? Share your thoughts with us!


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