PR: TimiCoin/TimiHealth Integrates CMS’ Blue Button 2.0 Into Its Ecosystem

By Guest Author
Published August 15, 2018 Updated August 15, 2018
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PR: TimiCoin/TimiHealth Integrates CMS’ Blue Button 2.0 Into Its Ecosystem

By Guest Author
Published August 15, 2018 Updated August 15, 2018

TimiCoin/TimiHealth Integrates CMS’ Blue Button 2.0 Into Its Ecosystem To Enable Medicare Beneficiaries to Upload Their Claims History Into Secure Blockchain Platform, Tokenizing Their Health Data


AUSTIN, TX. – August 13, 2018 – Timicoin/TimiHealth ( listed on LATOKEN ( announced it is integrating CMS’ Blue Button 2.0 into the TimiHealth ecosystem, enabling Medicare beneficiaries to easily upload and integrate their Medicare claims history into a secure blockchain platform.

TimiHealth is aligned with CMS’s initiative, MyHealthEData, which supports beneficiary ownership of data and gives individuals control over their own healthcare data. This data includes the inpatient, outpatient, and pharmacy data of over 53 million beneficiaries, and is expected to ultimately include all 130 million CMS beneficiaries.

In alignment with CMS Administrator Seema Verma’s comments, TimiHealth believes that every individual deserves to control his/her own healthcare data and to feel empowered to make informed decisions as to how that data is utilized.  

Verma at the Blue Button 2.0 Conference stated that she envisioned

“a future for health care and a future for all of us where our health care record begins from the time of birth and collects all of our data throughout our lifetime — and not just the data we’re getting from the medical record, but it could be wearable technology, it could be your claims data — and imagine all of that data aggregated in one place. Imagine if you could combine that with your genetic information, and that you would have the ability to take that information and give it to researchers, give it to your doctors.”

TimiHealth is making that vision a reality and it isn’t in the future, it is here and now. TimiHealth is committed to providing individuals every available channel to accessing to their health information. Adding the Blue Button 2.0 capability in addition to our existing TimiDNA platform further secures and tokenizes your health data. Our mission is to allow individuals to compile a comprehensive health history, eliminate low-value health care, and afford them the opportunity to monetize their personal healthcare data through tokenization.

TimiHealth believes that patient-centric ownership of data and the ability for an individual to grant access to a comprehensive view of that data will dramatically increase its value and lead to better patient outcomes.  “Patients will be empowered to share their health history with both health plans and providers tasked with coordinating their care, and this data will be invaluable to more quickly understanding and managing chronic disease states, eliminating low-value care, coordinating clinical care plans, and ensuring a better patient experience. The tokenization of healthcare data will also incentivize patient engagement, thereby driving active individual participation and providing more positive outcomes” said Dr. James Bonnette, clinical Advisory Board member for TimiHealth.

Media Contact: Adrienne Mazzone [email protected] 561-750-9800 x2270

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