“TokenPay is a Scam – Blasts Tone Vays with a Disclaimer to Piss Off every Litecoin Believer

By Sagar Saxena
Published July 14, 2018 Updated July 14, 2018
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“TokenPay is a Scam – Blasts Tone Vays with a Disclaimer to Piss Off every Litecoin Believer

By Sagar Saxena
Published July 14, 2018 Updated July 14, 2018

Tone Vays, the crypto influencer, trader, and analyst, took to Twitter to blast TokenPay, calling it a scam and further criticizing Litecoin Foundation for partnering up with them. This ignited a heated Twitter debate as the crypto community jumped in.

Tone Vays goes ballistic


Trader and Analyst, Tone Vays has started a Twitter debate by putting serious accusations on TakenPay and Litecoin that recently got into a partnership. With a long thread of Tweets, he also attached proofs to back his claims.

Before starting, he went with a disclaimer stating,

Disclaimer 1 – The main purpose of this tweet storm to piss off every #Litecoin believer for the what I hope is the final time
Disclaimer 2 – “The ONLY #Shitcoin that is NOT a Scam is the ones you have not yet Research” – @saifedean
Disclaimer 3 – @tokenpay is a #Scam”

Tone started by pointing out that,

“This Scam coin is a byproduct of $VRG $$$ as too many people are inter-connected and lies about this token are just on the front page of the website.”

He further points out that TPay is a centralized company and its CEO has issued an unregistered security

“that is totally useless & there no actual #Blockchain involved is highly questionable with 0 related experience in crypto space.”

He kept going on as he shared,

“The reality is, no one gives a shit cause even though you buy this #scam for $5 as an insider, the pump and dump will get you out at 2x right after it lists on an exchange for bag holders just a few months after it was conceived.”

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Heated tweeter debate ensues

He concluded his tweet with

“So there you have it, this is how Tone wastes time to identify a #Shitcoin scam… all you outright fools working with this @tokenpay like any members of the #Litecoin Foundation not only deserve 0 respect but might actually end up being Criminally Liable.”

You can read the entire thread here along with the reference images given by him:

In response to this, Token Pay replied with its own series of comments with one stating,

“He is a professional YouTuber with mostly fake followers. So no, haven’t heard of him till he tagged us in a @SatoshiLite post. We haven’t wasted 5 hours counter researching him because frankly, we are quite busy changing the crypto world.”

This further ignited the Tweet war as some people came in favor of Tone Vays, as this Twitter user did,

“Tone Vays is for real with no fake followers. Yes, he has no faith in anything other than Bitcoin, but he is pretty legit. I cannot believe you have never heard of him. I hope you will debate his thread.”

What are your views on Tone Vays’ accusations and the ongoing arguments on the Twitter?


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