Top 10 Tron Dapps That Are Ruling The Dapp Ecosystem

By Abhinav Agarwal
March 12, 2019 Updated April 11, 2022
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top 10 tron dapps

Tron Dapps – Ruling The Dapp Ecosystem

Tron and its Dapp are slowly stealing the limelight in the decentralized world. While there are some Dapp’s on EOS and Ethereum that are still good enough but the way Tron Dapps are gaining limelight it’s not going to be long when these Dapp will be the most enviable one. Following are the top 10 Tron Dapps that are showcasing the strength and prowess of the Tron Dapp ecosystem by gaining great traction.

The following compilation of top 10 Tron dapps was picked using DappRadar. The website uses a variety of different metrics for ranking Dapps, but we looked at the 10 Dapps that had the maximum number of users over the past 24 hours

The positions of these Tron dapps change pretty quickly for this ranking category as the number of users for each Dapp changes every day.

However, the following list of top 10 Tron Dapps, followed by some key information and a brief description of each, would really help in understanding as well in providing an excellent summary of the Dapps that use Tron’s ecosystem and are changing the way people use Dapps.

1. TRONbet

TRONbet is a gambling game which is based on Tron’s MainNet. It is a decentralized Dapp platform which has its development team all around the world giving the Dapp a global experience. With the team immensely experienced in game and platform development, it strives to provide 3 core features that every online gaming user looks for which is Transparency, Fairness, and Wealth Distribution. The platform currently supports TRX, ANTE (TRC20), and BTT (TRC10) with other tokens coming soon

Key Stats

  • Category: Gambling
  • Users Last 24 H: 3318 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 7900
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 474.2 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 5 million
  • Balance: TRX 13.967 million



2. is a unique cryptocurrency exchange which allows you to earn dividends on every buy and sell on the exchange. The P3T tokens are TRC-20 tokens and the price of each is determined by the smart contract. As a user holds a P3T token, he starts continuously accumulating dividends from buys, sells and all current and future games.  

Key Stats

  • Category: High Risk
  • Users Last 24 H: 2312 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 3400
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 9.6 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 63.6 K
  • Balance: TRX 48.298 million

3. Fishing Master

Fishing Master is a classic single screen fishing game where the player is a fisherman trying to catch as many fishes as he can and every time bait is thrown into the ocean the player can bet from 100 TRX to 5000 TRX expecting to catch as many fishes as he can. The current ratio is 1 fish from every 100 that is put on the bet.

Key Stats

  • Category: Gambling
  • Users Last 24 H: 2178 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 13000
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 5.1 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 32.6 K
  • Balance: TRX 52.998 million

Fishing Master

4. TRONlegend

“TRON Legend” is the world’s first MMORPG game based on TRON. The game picture is based on nostalgic realism and strives to create realistic and realistic effects. The game content is based on innovation, and the division of labor is clear. Dazzling wings, unique placement design, reduce the time spent by players by automatically hanging up the blame; in-game equipment through the smart contract winding, players in the game, not only can experience the fun of the game, but also create their own game Assets, access to the card to divide the platform dividends!

Key Stats

  • Category: Games
  • Users Last 24 H: 2093 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 2500
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 2.3 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 11.9 K
  • Balance: TRX 1.56 million



5. CandyMoreBox

CandyMoreBox is an advertising platform that offers free candy (Token). The partner can provide a certain amount of project tokens to “CandyMoreBox” for airdrops to achieve the purpose of promoting the project. The user can receive candy for free or for a specific task every day, and can be collected once every 4 hours; as the user level increases, the receiving interval increases with the shortening and accumulative times.

Key Stats

  • Category: Other
  • Users Last 24 H: 1669 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 2200
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 1.8 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 10.8 K
  • Balance: TRX 0


6. TronTrade

TronTrade is a decentralized exchange where you can buy and sell a variety of TRC10 and TRC20 cryptocurrencies with ease. The platform provides a safe and reliable trading experience, with 24/7 customer support and a strong community focus.

Key Stats

  • Category: Exchanges
  • Users Last 24 H: 1709 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 4200
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 9.7 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 75.4 K
  • Balance: TRX 9.04 million



7. TRX Market

TRXMarket is the first decentralized exchange based on TRON network in the world. It features safety, transparency, and convenience. TRXMarket is committed to being the pioneer of the decentralized exchange field.

Key Stats

  • Category: Exchanges
  • Users Last 24 H: 1528 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 4100
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 11.5 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 75 K
  • Balance: TRX 4.212 million

TRX Market


8. 888Tron is a gear of fortune game which is a short version of roulette with a payout ratio of 20:1. All profits of the platform will be distributed among the token holders.

Key Stats

  • Category: Gambling
  • Users Last 24 H: 1207 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 3300
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 846.4 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 2.4 M K
  • Balance: TRX 12.338 million



9. Tron Village

TronVillage – is an economic strategy that allows the user to earn cryptocurrency Tron. Becoming a member of the project, the user can run his own business – acquire and develop the production, which yields a real profit. All in the game there are 6 factories with different cost, profitability, and payback. Each factory generates income in coins that can be exchanged for Tron cryptocurrency and the user develops his unique strategy to earn more profits

Key Stats

  • Category: High Risk
  • Users Last 24 H: 1195 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 1800
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 4.6 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days: 27.9 M
  • Balance: TRX 38.186 million

Tron Village


10. TronVegas

TronVegas is the largest decentralized gaming platform on the TRON blockchain. The Dapp is Fast, Fun, and always 100% probably fair. It currently has 7 games which include Dice, Roulette, SkyRocket, Tron Spin, Mines, DigiX and DragonTiger. The website says that the Dapp will be adding more games making a one-stop gaming dapp.

Key Stats

  • Category: Gambling
  • Users Last 24 H: 602 Users
  • Users Last 7 days: 4000
  • Transaction Last 24 H: 99.9 K
  • Transaction Last 7 Days:716.7 K
  • Balance: TRX 1.557 million


While we have seen the crowd pullers for Tron, most of these apps are gambling/ betting apps which attract a lot of volumes on these Dapps. While all key numbers such as volumes and several users showing record spikes,, its look like Tron is slowly becoming a favorite of everyone be it, developers or users. The way things are progression it looks like in times to come Tron will have an unmatchable preference if someone wants to launch their Dapps.

What is your view on Tron’s Dapp ecosystem? WIll Ethereum and EOS strike back or is all wins for Tron? Do let us know your views on the same.

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