Tron CEO Justin Sun Holds a Meeting With Litecoin Founder; Something’s Cooking?

Justing Sun
Image: Justin Sun (Twitter)

Tron CEO Justin Sun Holds a Meeting With Litecoin Founder; Something’s Cooking?

The month has started off with Tron hopefuls and the community, aka Tronics, witnessing a meeting between Tron Founder, Justin Sun, and Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, with a deal to one day make the crypto company as large as the tech company. Well, yet again, Justin held a “secret meeting” with Litecoin Founder and friend, Charlie Lee on Saturday, 25th January as posted on Twitter.

According to the Twitter picture posted by Justin Sun earlier on Saturday, which led with the caption explaining the two met to chat about their respective projects and Bitcoin (BTC). The marketing nature of Sun could not just be eased on this with the caption stating the two also discussed “some secrets.”

“Meeting @SatoshiLite (Charlie Lee). Talking about #Bitcoin, #Litecoin, #TRON & some secrets.” –Justin Sun Twitter

While both the Litecoin and Tron communities will remain hopeful for a possible partnership between Litecoin Foundation and Tron Foundation, the latest meeting maybe just that – a meeting.

However, we cannot disregard the fact that the two crypto founders have been in talks of making the blockchain and crypto field better. Furthermore, growth of the adoption of crypto to the general global population has been a key driver for both parties through their blockchain careers.

Lest we forget, the two still have a Warren Buffet charity lunch to look forward too, as Charlie was one of the invitees.

Such news does not move markets and a slight 2.94% drop for LTC and 1.13% drop for TRX in the past 24 hours is a simple market reversal. Currently, TRX changes hands at 0.01610 USD, holding out as the 12th largest cryptocurrency with a total market cap of $1.07 billion USD. Litecoin on the other hand delicately balances above the $50 USD key support, at $53.59 USD, as the 7th largest crypto with a market cap of  $3.42 billion USD.

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