Bitcoin Bucket New Treat for KFC Canada Bitcoin Users

Casper Brown Bitcoin News PublishedJanuary 12, 2018 | ModifiedMarch 15, 2018

KFC canada accepting bitcoin as payment
KFC canada accepting bitcoin as payment

Bitcoin Bucket New Treat for KFC Canada Bitcoin Users

With the launch of “Bitcoin Bucket”, the fast-food chain KFC Canada is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment. After KodakCoin’s share value rising three fold, Bitcoin Bucket is KFC’s attempt to benefit from the high-value potential of cryptocurrency market.

Jumping on the Bitcoin Bandwagon – BitcoinBucket

KFC Canada is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment
KFC Canada is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment

In food chain industry, KFC is not the first to accept bitcoin as payment. About 83 other restaurants in the US alone are accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment. Some renowned food chains such as Burger King in Russia have also signaled their interest in joining the world of cryptocurrency. They are basically giving their customers the option to pay in bitcoins for their food.

At KFC, a Bitcoin Bucket costs you $CA20 in bitcoins that is 0.0011204 in the virtual currency. This bucket includes 10 chicken tenders, a medium side, waffle fries, medium gravy and two dips.

The company through its official Twitter handle announced:

“Sure, we don’t know exactly what bitcoins are, or how they work, but that shouldn’t come between you and some finger lickin’ good chicken”.

This Bitcoin Bucket option is only for a limited time period that can be purchased for home delivery only from their official KFC Canada website.

Their page reads:

“Welcome to 2018, Canada. Despite the ups and downs of bitcoin, the Colonel’s Original Recipe is as good as always. So, trade your bitcoins for buckets and invest in something finger lickin’ good. For a limited time, orders will be fulfilled within Canadian delivery zones. We can only accept purchases within Canada. Apologies, rest of the world.”

They also have Facebook based live tracker to monitor the prices. Through an online checkout page, the company is offering an option of Bitcoins payment via BitPay. BitPay is the payment processor of KFC which is also used by Microsoft. As per the checkout process on the website, the bitcoin bucket will be delivered directly to the home address of the customer.

Companies are Desperate to Ride the Bitcoin Wave  

Recently many firms that joined the rank of cryptocurrency users such as Kodak, Intercontinental Technology Inc. (previously known as Rich Cigars Inc.) Apollo Power etc. resulted in their stock value rising two to three fold. However, unlike these firms, there hasn’t been any increase in KFC’s stock value. The company has also hinted that they may accept other cryptocurrencies in the future as well.

It would be interesting to watch who will jump the train to cryptocurrency now.

Do you think KFC will experience any effects after their announcement of BitcoinBucket?

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