UNISPACE listing on UNISWAP new DeFi project you should to know

By Achal Arya
Published May 25, 2021 Updated May 25, 2021
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UNISPACE listing on UNISWAP new DeFi project you should to know

By Achal Arya
Published May 25, 2021 Updated May 25, 2021

Unispace, the newest player in the decentralized finance ecosystem, is set to have its token listed on UniSwap, a major decentralized exchange platform this coming public sale from 25th of May till 25 of June 2021. This announcement comes as a major boost to DeFi enthusiasts and crypto investors due to the prospects Unispace brings to the already packed table of virtual currencies.

What Is Unispace?

Unispace is a decentralized finance computing network that provides a comprehensive alternative to traditional financial services.

While several virtual currencies have been launched into our digital financial markets as the world is awoken to these prudent alternatives, some of these DeFi solutions haven’t provided a full-stock alternative to their traditional counterparts.

It is within this regard that the need for a full-stock traditional alternative arose. Unispace thus positions itself as a solution in this area, providing all the help, information and guidance to its customers and investors needed for the seamless transition into the world of decentralized finance and blockchain.

The DeFi provider is emerging as one of the leading DeFi networks especially in the benefits and APY which it’s set to guarantee to its users and investors.


Like most other DeFi protocols, the Unispace network incorporates a token that is unique to it. This token is called the Unification Space token, denoted as USPC.

This token is peculiar to the Unispace network and is set to be launched presale between 25th May till 25 of June 2021 when it is finally listed on UniSwap. USPC is one step with which the platform will maintain trustlessness, governance, and decentralization.

USPC is equally a means through which users make transactions on the platform. The token serves as a gateway to access other tokens within the platform such as Earth, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

USPC Token Launch

The platform has developed a unique road map for 2021. This roadmap will help organize all the activities, events, and milestones that will be reached by the virtual currency provider come end of year.

To start with, the platform’s unique token, USPC. Users will be able to buy the token at a rate of 1 USPC – 1 USDT. The token is an ERC 20 token and it will not only be tradable against USDT but also against tokens like ETH, WBTC, DAI, and many others.

Unispace has made 22,000,000 USPC available for sale during this period. Investors can get as much as a 50% bonus from their early purchase of this fast-growing token. Similarly, they could get as much as 250% APY (annual percentage yield) from the stake of this token.

Other Token Launches

Following the launch of the USPC, there will be the launch of four other tokens, with one strategically following the launch of the other. These tokens follow a launch order of Earth, Mars, Saturn, and finally Uranus.

It is important to note that only holders of the USPC will be able to acquire these listed tokens, and following their acquisition, they can be staked to earn the rewards on the platform.

Unispace has taken a conscientious and very ordered approach in the course of its token launches; while the project has attracted massive investor interest in recent weeks, it is expected that more and more people will take advantage of this unique protocol to buy, trade, and earn rewards.

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