VeChain Collaborates With China To Provide Blockchain Based Solutions

Anjali Tyagi Blockchain News published January 24, 2018 | modified March 15, 2018

VeChain Collaborates With China To Provide Blockchain Based Solutions
VeChain Collaborates With China To Provide Blockchain Based Solutions

VeChain Collaborates With China To Provide Blockchain Based Solutions

VeChain has entered into China’s Tobacco industry by announcing its collaboration with China’s National Research Consulting Center (NRCC). Being accounted for 30% of world’s total cigarette consumption, China is a lucrative market that can be transformed with VeChain’s blockchain based product management platform.  

VeChain China Partnership

VeChian is the world’s leading blockchain project whose primary focus is on liquor, agriculture industry and luxury goods. Today, VeChain announced a strategic partnership with China’s National Research Consulting Center (NRCC).

The main goal of this partnership is to provide the blockchain based solutions to China’s tobacco industry. Chinese government who has simply refused to acknowledge the potential of blockchain technology is collaborating with blockchain based VeChain.

The Singapore based non-profit company stated:

“VeChain’s blockchain + IoT solution to the 1st BAAS (Blockchain as a Service) to enter China’s Tobacco industry by working with National level government body – State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and China Central Government owned China National Tobacco Corporation, via an exclusive partnership with NRCC (National Research Consulting Center).”

According to the report commissioned by the International Chamber of Commerce, by 2022 the global counterfeit market is expected to reach $2.3 trillion which VeChian is basically trying to solve. Having an impressive clientele of IoT projects such as IOTA, WaBi, and Walton, VeChain offers a strong team, multinational clients and a working product.

This partnership would be conducted under the guidance of DNV Gl which is an internationally accredited registrar with a network of more than 800,000 companies from all over the world. DNV GI is also the one that creates the global standard for large enterprises’ internal processes that comprises of quality assurance methods, production procedures, and production safety procedures.

VeChain’s blockchain technology will transform tobacco industry

The partnership has other focus areas as well that are more long term strategic and disruptive. The parties involved in the current model of Tobacco product distribution are manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and end users. Across the world and industries, the heavy dependence on intermediaries reduces the efficiency of the process that also means incurring a huge cost. With blockchain technology,  this industry can be transformed completely. Right now, China accounts for about 30% of the total cigarette consumption globally. Moreover, in terms of revenue, China is the largest manufacturer of tobacco products.

Statistics show that in the first half of 2017, about 24,752,000 cases of cigarettes were sold by China that drew the sales of approximately 772.712 billion yuan.

It has been a huge move, just after a week of VeChain’s big announcement of several other partnerships and having Breyer capital as an advisor. It would be interesting to see which industry and economy collaborates with blockchain based technologies now.

What are your views on VeChain’s China move? Will it affect its price?? Let us know your thought in comments below.

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