Why did the GR coin grow 250 times?

By Guest Author
Published March 15, 2021 Updated March 15, 2021
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Why did the GR coin grow 250 times?

By Guest Author
Published March 15, 2021 Updated March 15, 2021

The beginning of 2021 was very successful for the cryptocurrency industry, with thousands of coins growing by hundreds of percent. The altcoin season helped to grow even those coins that were nothing at all. However, among this abundance, there is a coin that began to grow much earlier, the fall of last year. Its growth occurred not because the entire market was growing, but because there was an increased demand for it. This is a GR coin.

GR (GROM) is a native token of the Profit Chief analytical service, founded by Pavel Gromov, a well-known trader in the Russian crypto community. The token was released in October 2020. During this time, it managed to grow in price 250 times. The GR token is used to pay for the services on the Profit Chief platform:

– Trading signals subscription.

– Insurance against the bitcoin exchange rate decline.

– Investment notes.

The question remains unsolved: where did such a dizzying growth come from? The following factors contributed to the GR price spike:

  1. The creator of the coin is a well-known Russian trader Pavel Gromov. Even before the Profit Chief service launch, he was the author and owner of the telegram channels “Chief on Crypt”, “Altsezon”, “Margin“, and a few months ago created a channel called “Gromov says”, that was dedicated to the traditional markets. The total audience of the channels exceeds 100K subscribers. Such an impressive audience is the loyal community that Gromov has created around him. The community trusts him and uses his services.
  2. The project community is growing, and thanks to this, the demand for GR tokens is only increasing. In addition, the clients of Profit Chief are satisfied with the services provided, as they often leave comments about it, which can be found here.
  3. The Profit Chief service turns one year in March. During this time, a long way has been passed: from the provision of trading signals to the implementation of insurance for cryptocurrencies and investment notes. In the future, Pavel Gromov plans to launch crypto loans, a private exchange, and a platform for forecasts on the crypto market. These are just some of the upcoming goals.
  4. Since the service has been operating for almost a year, its activities could not pass without a trace. There are quite a lot of useful, educational, and analytical articles from Pavel Gromov, as well as opinions about the Profit Chief service in the leading crypto media: Coinspot, Keyprofit, Investfuture.
  5. All the plans and goals set by the ProfitChief service were successfully implemented.

The GR token, for less than six months of its existence, was included in the list of cryptocurrencies on the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko services, as well as added to the Trezer hardware wallet and the desktop version of MyEtherWallet.

And finally, the most important thing — after the 250 times growth, no one leaks the GR token. The volatility of the token corresponds to the general market dynamics, which indicates its sustainability and resilience.

Currently, the GR token can only be purchased on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. However, very soon it will be listed on the crypto exchange Bitcoin.com. In addition, the Profit Chief service is being prepared for the GRB stablecoin release, which will be used in the new “Private Exchange” service to support the “crypto-fiat” gateway.

On March 10-11th, 2021, the AirDrop of the GRB stablecoin took place on the Bitcoin.com exchange. To participate in AirDrop, you need to have an account on the Bitcoin.com exchange, where the GRB stablecoins will be credited, and to be a GR token holder. The more GR tokens on your balance, the more GRB will be credited. In the near future, both tokens will be listed on exchange services and other markets.


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