A New Wave of Infrastructure for Cardano: AstroSwap’s IDO Launches 7th October Exclusively on ADAPad

By Stan Peterson
Published October 6, 2021 Updated October 6, 2021
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A New Wave of Infrastructure for Cardano: AstroSwap’s IDO Launches 7th October Exclusively on ADAPad

By Stan Peterson
Published October 6, 2021 Updated October 6, 2021

Cardano has experienced a stellar run in the past 12 months. The value of ADA is up by 2,231.5% per CoinGecko, and the momentum may not be over yet. Launchpads and decentralized exchanges have brought a new audience to cryptocurrency, yet Cardano has thus far lacked a launchpad/DEX partnership. Now, all of that will change with the help of AstroSwap and ADAPad. 

The announcement comes at a time when Cardano has become the third cryptocurrency in the market cap rankings, ahead of Binance Coin and Tether’s USDT stablecoin. Moreover, it has relegated XRP outside the top five and holds a firm lead over projects like Polakdot, Dogecoin, Luna, Avalanche, and others. 

A Big Step Forward For AstroSwap

Last month’s announcement of AstroSwap’s impending launch has sent shockwaves of excitement throughout the Cardano community. As a cutting-edge DEX built on one of the hottest networks in the industry, the platform looks set to provide access to previously unseen levels of interaction within the Cardano ecosystem. More importantly, AstroSwap will launch this decentralized exchange in partnership with ADAPad, the go-to launchpad for new projects in the Cardano ecosystem. It is a huge development for ADAPad, AstroSwap, and the broader Cardano ecosystem, as such a partnership has not been established before. More importantly, it creates a seamless route from development to trade for all Cardano-based projects.

One cannot underestimate the potential for such collaboration. Now a DEX has come together with a dedicated launchpad for Cardano funding and development for the first time, exciting things are likely to be seen. Both parties will ensure there is growth and development for AstroSwap’s vision, while ADAPad will gain another significant project under its belt. Launchpads dedicated to fostering ecosystem growth and development are a crucial cog in the machine known as cryptocurrency. 

As ADAPad and AstroSwap join forces, the launchpad will host the upcoming IDO for AstroSwap’s team. That IDO will occur on October 7, 2021. It is expected this IDO will sell out rather quickly; thus, securing a spot will be essential for those looking to participate. The Cardano-based interstellar DEX launch will bring much attention to the ecosystem and ADAPad as its partner. 

ADAPad By The BlueZilla Team

Crypto enthusiasts may have noticed several prominent blockchain ecosystems now have dedicated launchpad solutions. For example, there is ETHPad, TRONPad, BSCPad, VelasPad, KCCPad, and now ADAPad. All of these solutions are part of the BlueZilla Group initiative. The team aims to help projects secure funding and incubate new ventures to ensure they can build their vision with the right help and support. That is big news for all Cardano-based projects as they will all benefit from this new partnership.

BlueZilla positions itself as a group focused on investing, incubating, and accelerating early-stage blockchain projects. This ecosystem grants developers, designers, marketers, influencers, traders, legal experts, and much more projects. Their services include bringing capital and partnerships to projects, but also tokenomics and post-launch marking. Moreover, BlueZilla has ventured into the world of blockchain gaming through GameZone and is active in the NFT segment through NFTLaunch. 

All of these launchpad-related platforms succeeded in offering investors a high return on investment. For ADAPad, that ROI is 190.51x, which is close to ETHPad’s 190.57x return on investment. Additionally, BSCPad sits at 25.98x, and TRONPad notes a 41.79x ROI. Partnering with such a launchpad is a pretty big deal for AstroSwap and will ensure its IDO will prove incredibly successful, similar to that of ADAPad itself. 

AstroSwap Is Powered By WagyuSwap Technology

Whereas the BlueZilla team covers the incubation and IDO aspect for AstroSwap, the Wagyuswap team is providing the necessary technology. As WagyuSwap launched on Velas initially – to achieve full EVM compatibility, fast transactions, and low fees – the project garnered a lot of attention. That technology is now coming to the Cardano ecosystem, creating a game-changing landscape in the crypto and blockchain world. 

WagyuSwap has become a potent DEX on Velas and – with the help of BlueZilla’s ETHPad and BSCPad – conducted a successful token sale earlier this year. That native token set a new all-time high not long ago.The $WAG token sold during the IDO at $0.005 and now trades at $0.562, creating a 112.4x ROI. Those numbers may be peanuts compared to how well AstroSwap’s IDO will perform. 

Moreover, the technology powering WagyuSwap has facilitated the next step in the evolution of cross-chain transactions. By actively partnering members of the BlueZilla family, such as AstroSwap, the team can explore various forms of technology to create more encompassing solutions. Partnering with this Cardano-based cutting-edge DEX is a big deal that will help put the Cardano ecosystem and the projects building on top of it on the global map.

AstroSwap IDO Details

The AstroSwap IDO on ADAPad will go live on October 7, 2021, starting at 8am for the allocation round, and 1pm for the First Come, First Serve round. The Token Generation Event (TGE) will have a market cap of $120,000, and users will need to get whitelisted at least 3 hours before IDO kickoff. That latter process requires users to stake 200,000 $ADAPAD to gain access to this private sale. 

During the IDO, investors can acquire 120,000,000 tokens, which represents 1.2% of the total supply. The price per token will be set at $0.001, and users can invest using ADA.

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