AAX celebrates its 2nd anniversary with a round of crypto campaigns

By Guest Author
Published November 25, 2021 Updated November 25, 2021

AAX celebrates its 2nd anniversary with a round of crypto campaigns

By Guest Author
Published November 25, 2021 Updated November 25, 2021

AAX was founded 2 years ago. In the span of 2 years, a lot has happened.

An outbreak of COVID-19 has put the world on pause for a long period of time, but it has also spurred and accelerated the adoption of digital currencies and technological innovation.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has gone from USD7,700+ to USD 67,000+, recording new all-time highs again and again.

Global Bitcoin hashrate has also drastically shifted, from China to the West. During this time,  hashrates in China declined from 75% to 45%, while in the US, hashrates rose from 4% to 16%.

Despite the fact that the world went down a path of revolutionary change, AAX grew and learned a lot during this period of time. At AAX, we have grown exponentially from day one. Putting things into perspective, we grew from a headcount of 15 employees to a team of approximately two hundred, who are now situated worldwide and enjoying the benefits of working remotely. AAX’s user base also continues to grow on the daily. Currently, it has a record-high of two million users on its platform. This is an exciting and ever-evolving journey.

The crypto industry is getting increasingly crowded, with more and more protocols entering the space. At AAX, our infrastructure is also evolving for the better. Yet, our vision in Bitcoin adoption remains stronger and steadier than ever.

We appreciate all the feedback that we received from the community over the course of two years. The digital asset ecosystem is yet to be refined – it is admittedly far from being perfect, but that is true of every industry. The standing question for us at AAX is how we can set up an industry standard that is well-adapted to the nature of digital currencies and blockchain technology and how to stay on top of the game.

With these visions in mind, we would like to call upon all industry players, corporations, and individuals to take a step back from the market hype of Bitcoin and Ethereum all-time highs, and look at crypto from a fresh perspective. Just like the discussions from “Bitcoin & Beyond”, the half-day virtual summit co-hosted by AAX and Forkast.News, it is important to remember what crypto is all about.

In honor of our 2nd year anniversary, we would like to kick off the celebratory round with a series of promotions encouraging users to light up the AAX space. Here are a few of the campaigns that will be run during this period of time:

  1. Light up the world map and unlock your two-year anniversary gifts
  2. Red packets bonus airdrop
  3. Guess the coin price and divide the reward of 10,000USDT
  4. 50% off BTC for limited time purchase

Let’s get the party started!


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