BCH Hardfork War Almost Over And Its a Win for Bitcoin (ABC)

Published November 16, 2018 | Updated November 16, 2018

bitcoin cash
bitcoin cash

BCH Hardfork War Almost Over And Its a Win for Bitcoin (ABC)

On November 15, BCH developers prepared to undergo its next hard fork, a split of the blockchain, which would give birth to new tokens named Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision), Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin ABC.

Well, the fork is now almost complete and it seems that Bitcoin (ABC) is the winner with Bitcoin SV nodes already crashing.

bch hardfork, bitcoin ABC is the winner

Source: https://cash.coin.dance/

At the time of reporting few blocks were already mined on the Bitcoin ABC blockchain.

Crypto journalist, Joseph young also tweeted:

What does it mean for Bitcoin cash?

The future development of Bitcoin Cash is seen by the developers as the implementation of three core ideas.

  • Improving 0-conf transactions for making the payment experience instant and reliable without changes to the consensus rules.
  • Enabling massive on-chain scaling through the removal of the mempool admittance code and mining RPC.
  • Improving fungibility.

With “Adjustable Blocksize Cap” as the faction’s name and slogan, this most popular Bitcoin Cash client also acts in the interest of node operators and intends to allow them “to adjust their block size limit.” The changes are planned to be implemented by “removing software bottlenecks.”

What will the effect on bitcoin ABC prices? Any guesses.


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