Bee Network: An Era of Decentralized Gaming Experience

By Stan Peterson
December 15, 2021 Updated December 15, 2021

Crypto markets shifted paradigms rather quickly than ever before once Bitcoin reached new heights. But still, a majority of crypto enthusiasts have failed to make the most of the market’s growth despite investing religiously. The reason for this imbalance lies somewhere in the centralization of crypto-based platforms and the opportunities that they offer.

At this point, Bee Network, a decentralized autonomous organization, has introduced an opportunity for all (even those who have no idea about cryptocurrencies yet) to partake in their self-sufficient ecosystem and get rewarded for it. The team of Bee Network has already created a sophisticated decentralized ecosystem to support their endeavors which is to share a unique gaming experience of Bee Network in a way that is fair for every participant.

The game of Bee Network is available for you via their downloadable application from Apple Store, Google Play, and Android platform. It allows users to earn rewards called “Bee” on their mobile phones. There are three roles taken by the users depending on their capability;

  • Pioneer
  • Ambassadors
  • Verifier

The economic model of Bee Network relies on its various principles that maintain the balance and fairness of the game within the Bee Network App.

Bee Network’s latest progress: KYC

One of the easiest decentralized gaming experiences of Bee Network does not require a supercomputer. The team has successfully launched a new round of KYC for all participating pioneers to become verified. This round opened on December 1st to run for exactly 10 days but due to immense response and encouragement received from global pioneers, the Bee Network’s team has extended the KYC round further till December 17.

Future of Bee Network

Crypto and blockchain are still bringing a lot of new participants into the market but unfortunately, they do not have prior knowledge and sufficient experience to avoid scams and financial pitfalls. Bee Network intends to create a useful service for the entire community and educate people on cryptocurrencies while they receive rewards in the form of Bee.

To partake in Bee Network and start earning Bee, download it today, open an account, and try the KYC.

About Bee Network:

Bee Network is a decentralized ecosystem that rewards all of its participants with Bee. It can be easily downloaded on any mobile phone with internet access which is why after just 5 months of launch, they have more than 12 million global users.

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