& CEO Roger Ver To Face Lawsuit As 800+ Bitcoin Users Unite

By Partyush Goyal
Published April 28, 2018 Updated April 28, 2018
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roger ver & CEO Roger Ver To Face Lawsuit As 800+ Bitcoin Users Unite

By Partyush Goyal
Published April 28, 2018 Updated April 28, 2018

Over 800 individuals have come together to create a community against and its CEO Roger Ver. A legal action has been pursued by the “ lawsuit/victims” Telegram group for misleading the users into buying BCH instead of BTC.

Roger Ver in trouble over tricking people into buying BCH

Bitcoin is the most popular and valued virtual currency in the crypto space. And anyone that wants to know about it, is likely to go the route. It’s only instinctual that bitcoin enthusiasts would try this domain. But when one Google “buy bitcoin”, the first result you get is  

Now, the CEO of Roger Ver who is an early Bitcoin investor might soon face a lawsuit for his controversial promotion of Bitcoin Cash. It is gaining a lot of steam in a Telegram group chart named lawsuit/victims created by a user, Money Trigz. The group has already crossed 800 members that want to press charges on the website for spreading wrong information that Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin.

Apparently, the group has attracted some big names from the crypto community as well though no one is in charge of this initiative.

Roger Ver, who has been a Bitcoin influencer, started propagating Bitcoin Cash after the fork of Bitcoin. His website shows users Bitcoin Cash at the top and represents Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core. Not only the logos are similar but this is the only website that refers to Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core. The misinformation led users to end up buying Bitcoin Cash when they wanted to buy Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin community has been angered by this and wants to boycott the website. Meanwhile, Erik Voorhees, the CEO of Shapeshift and longtime associate of Roger Ver distanced himself from Ver regarding representing Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin as tweeted by him:

“Roger – please stop referencing me to back up your opinion that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. It isn’t. Bitcoin is the chain originating from the genesis block with the highest accumulated proof of work. The Bitcoin Cash fork failed to gain majority, thus it is not Bitcoin.”

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Bitcoin users/enthusiasts seeking legal route

The community is taking it seriously as many bitcoin enthusiasts are even a ready to donate to the lawsuit. Regarding this lawsuit, Money Trigz stated:

“Everybody is frustrated and outraged plus you have victims now losing money because of it. [] crossed the line, and we’re pushing back legally.”

The creator of the group emphasized that instead of a discussion group, it is for the victims:

“The legal angles are being discussed with lawyers, not up for discussion here, this is public, [] have eyes here.”

He further said that:

“We have things going on behind the scenes and ALLOT of industry people dm us to help with lawyer firms recommendations and in different juri’s. there seems to be some serious merrit with a few of the approaches, can’t say more now. send everybody to us that lost money using platform or wallet.”

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