Bitcoin price hits $19K but several crypto experts expect new high

By Guest Author
Published December 1, 2020 Updated December 1, 2020
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Bitcoin price hits $19K but several crypto experts expect new high

By Guest Author
Published December 1, 2020 Updated December 1, 2020

Let’s have a look at what do Influencers feel!

CPH on BTC Bull Run:

Bitcoin is in the sweet spot and looks bullish for the future. Indian banks to offer Crypto Services across its 34 branches. Loan against Crypto was unheard! The Adoption is coming.

Irrespective of the bank size, Cryptocurrency getting adopted is a very good sign in itself.

Mainstream banks might observe this adoption and might actionate on this sooner than later.

Crypto might become the next huge thing in the Indian banking system with the emergence of Digital India and quick adoption aptitude of people.

The entrance of institutional giants like Paypal and Square is a testimony to the future of cryptocurrency. Also, more people are becoming aware of it. So in long run, the price will increase. However, in the near short term, there would be a correction as people will book profit. But overall it will push forward.

Pushpendra on BTC Bull run:

Technology has changed our lives by increasing the speed of time. We were humans. We invented and developed the technologies to change our life to its best. I hope you remember this phone model. 

Change your self with new technology like #Blockchain and #AI .

All Banks would merge and only bitcoin would be left in the long run.

Game of Bitcoins on BTC Bull Run:

This run is most likely triggered by institutional investors, trusts investing in BTC. Change in outlook of investment banks like Citi and JP Morgan and further pushed by Paypal offering crypto to users

We are very close to ATH and it certainly looks that BTC will test that level. Either scenario can play out but the probability of a 10-20% correction after ATH is more

How to buy Bitcoin in India? About Remitano & Success story pointers

The Indian crypto sector has been growing ever since the Supreme Court of India lifted the banking ban imposed by the central bank. More people are now interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because there are many platforms to buy crypto in India.

This has made converting Bitcoin to Rupee easier than ever. Some platforms even make this buying easier for Indians by providing them with the option of buying with fiat.

For Indians to buy bitcoin in India and convert bitcoin to rupee is undoubtedly a joyful and convenient process. We can find many young individuals now taking up the trading world because it is easy to buy Bitcoin with Rupee. Some processes will involve the user buying bitcoin with the money in their bank accounts. This process doesn’t take long once the user follows due instructions.

About Remitano :

Remitano, a global leader in cryptocurrency P2P exchange services, founded in 2015, has launched its new Indian Rupee (INR) fiat wallet

Featuring new instant trade capabilities to enable users transacting in INR to deposit and withdraw money with exceptional ease.

Users can transfer fiat money from their bank accounts to trading wallets instantly

Now users can and sell in Rupee after their successful launch in India

Simple user interface and highly secure environment

Escrow service that enables live updates

Robust, quality trading experience to all users.

Fiat Wallet facility

These videos will show you how to buy bitcoin in India using Remitano:

Remitano provides an easy and intuitive way to Exchange Crypto safely and securely (Sandeep Bahuguna – Crypto Point Hindi)

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Mobile app with amazing user experience.(GOB)


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