Bluzelle Releases Final Network Stress Test Backed by $30,000 in Rewards

By Casper Brown
Published April 9, 2020 Updated April 9, 2020
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Bluzelle Releases Final Network Stress Test Backed by $30,000 in Rewards

By Casper Brown
Published April 9, 2020 Updated April 9, 2020

Bluzelle, a decentralized data network for dApps, has launched its network’s final public stress test. Dubbed ‘Swarm of Duty,’ the initiative includes $30,000 of incentivized rewards available to developers, token holders, and validators.


The platform is built to support dApps by providing secure, accessible, and decentralized storage, alleviating one of the most prescient problems facing the dApp ecosystem. For instance, it’s estimated that 65% of dApp projects rely on some form of centralized infrastructure, including storage, database, or backend systems. Similarly, 68% are interested in migrating to decentralized storage when the right storage platform comes to fruition.

Decentralization is a critical component of the blockchain ecosystem, eliminating a single point of failure and also enabling censorship-resistant content to thrive. Recently, Bluzelle became the first decentralized database to adopt the Cosmos and Tendermint technology stack, which offer boosts in security and functionality, two critical features for the future of decentralized computing.

Building Better Decentralized Data Storage

With Swarm of Duty, developers have an opportunity to create apps on BluzelleNet, the platform’s blockchain, while also educating themselves with Bluzelle’s token economics. The company is also trying to lure validators to the projects by requiring an application and drawing from a selection-pool to choose validators to earn staking prizes.

These awards, which are also available to token holders who delegate validators and test the network’s capacity, total 2.5 million BLZ tokens, collectively worth $30,000. They will be up for grabs during the trials’ time frame between April 9th and May 14th.

In a statement, Bluzelle co-founder and CEO, Pavel Bains, explained the importance of the final testnet. “Incentivizing participation in this fashion allows us to reward innovation while building a more robust network. As Web 3.0 evolves, Bluzelle will be right alongside it, helping to realize the vision of a fully decentralized data network,” said Mr. Bains.

If successful, Bluzelle should provide a secure, tamper-proof, and scalable blockchain project where developers can create projects with cybersecurity in mind. It’s launching at a time when both the cost and frequency data breaches are cybersecurity instances are at an all-time high, and companies are looking for new IT infrastructure to protect their information.

The Right Time for Decentralized Storage

As Bluzelle releases its final testnet for dApp developers, Storj, a decentralized cloud storage platform targeted at enterprise clients, has made its services available. Their project, named Tardigrade Decentralized Storage Service, after a difficult to destroy organism, reflects a growing desire among both individuals and enterprises for better storage methodologies that are more secure and less prone to failure.

Currently, the network has 19 petabytes of capacity and thousands of nodes around the world. With 3,000 users at the start, the platform looked poised to begin providing results.

It’s clear that investors are willing to support decentralized storage, and users are more than ready to give it a try. In 2020, where centralized storage failures abound, it seems like now is the right time for decentralized storage to prove its value.

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