Brisbane Airport Goes Crypto Crazy, Becomes World’s 1st Crypto Friendly International Airport

By Mark
Published June 4, 2018 Updated June 4, 2018
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Brisbane Airport Goes Crypto Crazy, Becomes World’s 1st Crypto Friendly International Airport

By Mark
Published June 4, 2018 Updated June 4, 2018

Despite the crypto market experiencing severe ups and downs on the regular basis, bitcoin adoption is only rising with each passing day. The latest development in this field is the Brisbane Airport which in collaboration with a startup is allowing the crypto payments to be made in about 30 of its stores.

Brisbane airport in partnership with TravelbyBit allows crypto payments

Cryptocurrencies have started increasing their pace of entry to mainstream as Bitcoin (BTC) has been rapidly being accepted as a form of payment option.

The latest development in this is the Brisbane Airport which is apparently going all crypto crazy. Back in January, they announced that soon travelers will be allowed to pay with cryptocurrencies at retail outlets in its terminal.

At that time, they struck a deal with one of the startups, TravelbyBit that provided a way for merchants to pay in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) among others.

Since then, Brisbane Airport Corporation has been working with the company “to bring decentralized blockchain-enabled payments into its terminal shopping”.

Now, finally, Brisbane Airport has made it a reality. The partnership between the Airport Corporation and TravelByBit have come to a fruition.

About 30 retail stores at this airport now allow you to pay in bitcoin among a number of other cryptocurrencies. However, looks like this crypto adoption just doesn’t stop here as the co-founder and CEO of TrvelbyBit, Caleb Yeoh said:

“We did a test for two weeks and we launched it last week. We’re gradually rolling it out.”

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Rising real-world use cases for cryptos

Yeoh further said:

“More are coming, we just need time to train up the staff.” According to him, these payments systems are easy to use as they should be in order to build trust between the customers and retailers.

He also clarifies:

“We’re just trying to build a real-world use case for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is perfect for travel, there’s no exchange rate issues or risk of credit card fraud.”

Australia is surely becoming a hot place for cryptocurrencies as the regulators provide a clarity on crypto regulations. The country also put down specific AML/CTF compliances for the crypto exchanges so that cryptocurrency market could flourish in the country while keeping the investor’s interest and protection the center of focus.

The interest in cryptos rose when last year in December the prices skyrocket and Bitcoin (BTC) surged to about $19,500. However, currently, the crypto market is going through a lot of ups and downs. Despite the downward sentiments in the market, cryptos are only gaining adoption with each passing day.

What are your views on rising cryptocurrency adoption? Share your thoughts with us!


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