Copy Trades On NAGA Get Cheaper With $NGC Integration

By Stan Peterson
December 21, 2021 Updated December 21, 2021
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Today is a big day for the NAGA Trading Platform community that loves to follow the most successful investors, as it has finally completed its long-awaited merger with its native cryptocurrency token $NGC.

The $NGC token has already been listed on a number of popular crypto exchanges for some time so it’s been a fairly anxious wait for the community. With the arrival of $NGC on the NAGA Trading Platform, users can finally get their hands on the platform’s much-vaunted utility coin that promises lower fees when copying trades by high-ranking investors. 

If you’re not familiar with the NAGA Trading Platform, its key feature is it allows any user to “Autocopy” the trades of other, more profitable investors who are willing to monetize their trading strategy. Users pay a flat fee of $1 for each trade, with the hope that the person they’re following will continue to live up to their potential and generate profits. So as soon as that trader sells some Dogecoin to buy Ethereum, for example, their followers will automatically make the same trade in real-time and capture the same profits (or losses!). The platform also enables users to trade regular stocks and shares, and even ETFs. 

NAGA refers to this aspect of its platform as “social trading” and it’s one of the main highlights as it helps to take the heat off less successful traders whose own strategies fail to generate their hoped-for returns. 

WIth $NGC, the company says the cost of each copy trade will be reduced by 50%, meaning the strategy of following other investors becomes even less risky than before – and that can only be a good thing. 

Besides copy trades, users can now also trade the $NGC coin on the platform itself, something that wasn’t possible before. And many investors will likely be thinking it’s a solid bet that’s worth stocking up on, given the coin’s potential. Not only does it have genuine utility, but NAGA itself boasts a community of over a million traders worldwide, and the company behind it has had genuine success – so much so that it’s planning to go public via an initial public offering sometime next year. At present, $NGC has a market cap of just $34.8 million, much less than similar coins such as Voyager Token (VGX). 

With $NGC now available on the NAGA Trading Platform, the company gets closer towards realizing its vision of becoming a “super app” for finance. In addition to investing, it also offers a crypto wallet and a payments app, and has plans to integrate a social betting app plus DeFi tools on its roadmap. 


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