Cross-Chain Fundraising Platform CoreStarter Raises $1.32M Led by SL2 Capital and other leading Investors

By Stan Peterson
November 9, 2021 Updated November 9, 2021
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Ahead of its mainnet launch in Q4, decentralized cross-chain fundraising launchpad CoreStarter has closed its seed and private sale round to the team’s excitement. In a fundraiser event that saw leading investors participate such as SL2 Capital and Insignius Capital, the emerging cryptocurrency launchpad successfully raised $1.32 million. This will help to boost operations and expand product features that aids in curbing some of the issues prevalent in the blockchain industry regarding fundraising.

Investors that participated in the fundraiser include; AU21, and R8 Capital. Other investors include; BTW Foundation, Oracles Investment Group, DCI Capital, Infinity Gainz, NGC Ventures, Neo|Matrix Ventures, Down Under Capital, Halvings Capital, Infinity Capital, Limbo, and Extra Watts. CoreStarter is optimistic that the funds will serve the cause of the platform, as it continues to drive innovation in the blockchain industry.

On leading the funding round, SL2 Capital said

“Corestarter is paving the way for the future of fundraising platforms. CoreStarter has identified everything that is wrong with the current system and provides a platform with an equal playing field, this one is a game changer. We are truly excited to see what this project brings to the Solana Ecosystem”

CoreStarter is a cross-chain fundraising platform with an inbuilt NFT marketplace and high-yield staking built on Solana. The project’s primary objective is to end the prejudice targeted against small investors, by creating an algorithm that will allow them the same opportunities as large investors if they intend to stake their tokens long-term.

Fundraiser Will Boost CoreStarter’s Crowdfunding Infrastructure

CoreStarter has several incredible product features that will not only drive innovation in the blockchain industry, but it will solve the problems that are still facing the industry.

 The narrative has always been giving more to whoever that stakes more. This model usually pushes small investors to the side, rewarding them with peanuts. CoreStarter’s reverse algorithm aims to change that by creating an equal earning opportunity for everyone, regardless of their stakings.

Long-term stakers will be rewarded for their loyalty, while small investors will now have higher earnings compared to before. According to the team of developers, investors can earn up to 75% APY on their stakings, more than what a typical launchpad offers its stakers. This gives everyone the opportunity for a high return.

Facilitating Blockchain Integrations

Lack of interoperability remains one of the biggest hindrances to the growth of the DeFi space. This problem prevents emerging DeFi projects from raising adequate funds from users across different chains. Chains, such as Ethereum and Cardano only support its native token $ETH and $SOL. This makes transferring of assets from one chain to another strenuous and impossible.

CoreStarter’s team reveals that the platform’s unique and trustless approach eliminates interoperability by bridging the gap and facilitating blockchain Integrations. CoreStarter, built on Solana, allows users to transfer assets from other chains to the platform without issues regarding fragmentation of liquidity.

CoreStarter looks forward to its mainnet launch, token generation event, and its DEX and CEX listing coming up later this year.

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