Crypto Assets for Passive Income Book Launch By Warren Seah

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December 16, 2019 Updated April 11, 2022
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To celebrate the successful launch of Warren Seah’s new book titled “Crypto Assets for Passive Income”, organized a book launch event on 23th November 2019 at LaunchPad One North, Singapore. The digital copy of the book is sold on Amazon Kindle while the physical copy can be ordered directly from FlagOne. The book is also available for public borrowing at all Singapore public libraries.

During the event, Warren Seah and his team took the opportunity to update the community with latest updates and delivering core concepts he covered in the book. The book launch event was joined by guests from some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges and they are, Bibox, Kucoin and The event ended with a fireside chat with all invited guests followed by the author’s autograph session. Crypto Assets Book Launch Highlights can be found here

Crypto Assets for Passive Income book discusses the concept of deriving passive income from investors’ cryptocurrency portfolio. Generally, the crypto community focus their attention on the next initial coin offering for capital gains, the author shared a unique perspective on how one can potentially generate passive income from the same crypto portfolio they hold.

The book was well received by the crypto community. Here are some endorsements from crypto movers and shakers after reading the book.
Roger Ver, Chief Executive Officer,

“Crypto assets are hard assets, but most of the world hasn’t recognized them as such yet.”

Omar Chen, Vice President of and CEO of ZBG exchange

“Everyone knows how to invest in stocks, but not so many people know how to use opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies. This book will give you a clear understanding of what you should do to get an additional income.”

Richard Olsen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of

“Cryptos are the stepping stones for the re-design of the financial system and our future. This book demystifies investing in cryptos!”

Crypto Assets book, in its entirety, documented the author’s path to his personal self-discovery of deriving a passive income approach out of his crypto portfolio during the 2018 crypto recession. Adopting conventional financial wisdom in an emerging market, the author has successfully detailed the entire process to uncover some of the best projects and blockchain companies found in the cryptocurrency space. 

The book explores:

  • An actionable framework which singles out the category of coins that generates both passive income and capital gains
  • The historical context of the age-old investment strategy always at work since the 1800s
  • A valuation model for buying these coins cheap and selling them when they become expensive
  • Author’s opinion on how the cryptocurrency market will evolve moving beyond 2019

The 127-page book is specially written to present the key concepts in a non-technical way.  It exposes the exact blueprint that the author uses to identify coins on CoinGecko’s / CoinMarketCap’s top 100 cryptocurrencies ranked by market capitalization which fits a specific set of criteria. The blueprint uses a data-centric approach in filtering the crypto assets down to those that provide crypto investors with both passive income and capital potential gains.

Author: Warren Seah
Publisher: Corergy
ISBN: 978-9811429125
Paperback: USD $28, add $6 postage
Kindle: USD $8.99

Cryptocurrency is a new emerging industry and their vision for technological change may only reach fruition in the next 5 – 10 years. While the emerging cryptocurrency economy is still years away from mainstream implementation, the author believes the best time to learn and understand this emerging market is now.


Flag One Pte Ltd is a fin-tech company based in Singapore. Founded in 2007, FlagOne has developed many algorithmic trading and monitoring systems based in Metatrader and since worked with FX brokerages on their IT cloud architecture. In 2017, FlagOne started aggregating crypto finance data and seek to build a crypto community based on a data-centric approach in preparation for the upcoming blockchain revolution and crypto economy.


If you would like more information about this book or event, please contact author at . Here are the resource links for your quick reference. 

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