Cryptocurrency Technologies: Where, Why & How Can a Student Enter the Bitcoin Arena?

By Guest Author
Published March 30, 2019 Updated March 30, 2019
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Cryptocurrency Technologies: Where, Why & How Can a Student Enter the Bitcoin Arena?

By Guest Author
Published March 30, 2019 Updated March 30, 2019

Cryptocurrency is booming up as both an investment option and a leading technology for career options. It won’t be much longer before many other fields use the same blockchain technology. It is thus in the best interests of students to look for viable opportunities in the arena of cryptocurrencies to set a path.

So how can students stay updated about the same and partake in the future of cryptocurrencies? Check out a few ways here.

Take Courses

Being a new industry, if you are looking for jobs in cryptocurrency, many companies will offer training on the job. Even then, it would be helpful to learn a little beforehand.

An authorized education is always the best way to get started on a new venture. Considering how the cryptocurrency has been creating waves in the world, more and more universities are offering courses related to technology. Top Universities including Georgetown, Stanford, and Wharton, are now providing full-time courses for their students. Apart from university programs, one can also find certification courses from platforms like Skillshare and Coursera.

Cryptocurrency is still a fairly new concept to many. It is wise to take formal classes before entering into any serious investment to the bitcoin world. Students can choose one of these courses to bring them up to speed and on par with the cryptocurrency era. If the class is overwhelming for beginners, there are always custom paper writing service like Essaypro to help with the overload. Such services are there to make sure that students can wisely schedule classes and work to get the extra time they need to take up another course.

Do your Homework

Whether you are looking at cryptocurrencies for investment or a career, one has to stay updated about the latest events. The notion of bitcoin is still undergoing changes that include approaches and legalities. There are many online resources to find information about bitcoins. As an investment, even the minute changes in the market would have a huge impact. It is necessary to be on top of things with not just bitcoin but all cryptocurrencies on an everyday basis.

Community networking is a popular means to get involved in this particular field. Find out about the blockchain communities in the area or even online. It will not only keep you informed but also open doors to a close-knitted group of people who can help with further explorations in the stream.

Enter as an Investor

Students do not necessarily have to get a job itself. The field is highly sought out by investors. There are many ways to acquire bitcoins for students.

Bitcoin Mining

Mining is the popular way of gaining more bitcoins by creating blocks for bitcoin transaction. Those who create these blocks get a percentage of the transaction amount. This was once available for everyone, but now there are restrictions on hardware to reduce undermining of the currency value.

Bitcoin Wallet

Whatever bitcoins collected in any way has to go to the bitcoin wallet. It is imminent to procure one before setting out to invest. The Bitcoin website itself has download options for such wallets. This is where one collects, receive and send bitcoins. There are different wallets available for different cryptocurrencies.

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Exchange of Bitcoins

There are many ways to collect bitcoins. The first is to pay for bitcoins using traditional currency or other cryptocurrencies. The rate of this would highly depend on the current market value.

Many people are looking to get bitcoins in exchange for the services they are offering. There are online jobs including data entry, online n surveys and similar jobs where one can earn bitcoins in exchange. Online gaming is another source to receive bitcoins. These are a few ways to collect coins without sending money out of the pocket.

Jobs in Cryptocurrencies

Other than being an investor, cryptocurrency is an emerging field with many job openings. Blockchain engineers, developers, project managers, data scientist are a few among the leading positions one can apply for.  Internships at the college level would be the best way to start for students.

Cryptocurrency is a lucrative field that has many promises for the future. Even if students are not actively pursuing the niche, it would be highly beneficial to be knowledgable in it.


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