Devil Token Releases Ambitious Roadmap – Will It Revolutionize Defi?

By Stan Peterson
Published October 28, 2021 Updated October 28, 2021

Devil Token Releases Ambitious Roadmap – Will It Revolutionize Defi?

By Stan Peterson
Published October 28, 2021 Updated October 28, 2021

Since first being announced in early October, a new BSC token has created a buzz around the DeFi space for its unique tokenomics, ambitious roadmap, and it’s shocking-to-some name – Devil Token. 

Devil Token (DEVL) is a reward and utility token where 9% of all transactions go towards incentivizing holders through reflected rewards, BUSD rewards, and locked liquidity. But as the team behind DEVL has continued to roll out a litepaper and roadmap ahead of the token’s launch, it’s clear that DEVL has a lot more up its sleeve. 

Single-staking, decentralized governance, fiat-to-crypto gateways (allowing users to exchange their fiat into DEVL and vice-versa), cross-chain token & crypto assets (such as NFTs), an escrow service for secure transactions, and ultimately – the DEVL Wallet – are just a few of the DeFi products the team has in store for this token. 

In their own words, the DEVL team has stated their aim is to

“become the go-to solution for trading crypto with fiat currencies in DeFi, keeping track of your tokens and NFTs across multiple chains, creating secure transactions and agreements with other users through an escrow service, and by creating the most user-friendly wallet in crypto.”

Through it’s solutions to common problems in DeFi, DEVL plans to become a part of every DeFi user’s portfolio, and through its easy-to-use technology, plans to become the first token users totally new to DeFi – and even crypto – will hold. 

Proving their commitment to delivering a good product, the team has announced that three dApps (decentralized applications) will be released at launch: a gateway with 3rd party fiat-to-crypto implementation, a yield farm, and a governance dApp. 

DEVL is currently about to open up the white list for their presale, space will be limited. 

About the Token


666,666,666 DEVL


Binance Smart Chain


Reflected Rewards

Liquidity locked on Pancake Swap

Staking dApp/BUSD rewards 

Built-in governance that lets holders decide when contract changes can be made

A fiat-to-crypto onramp letting users buy BNB with fiat and DEVL with BNB – in app


KYC Certified by InterFi

Passed Audit by InterFi

About the Team

MEPHISTO (Blake Dellinger)


Mephisto is an experienced, full-stack blockchain developer who has a professional background in government and communications.



Old Scratch has a background in marketing, where he has worked on several projects including social media campaigns as well as film & television.



As the head of business and partnerships, he is tasked with building relationships in the technological, DeFi, and crypto-currency space to fuel the expansion of the ecosystem. Diabolus has a background in business, software development, and education.


DEVL’s roadmap is without a doubt ambitious, and with three of their dApps being released on-launch, there are plenty of promising signs that they’ll see it through. With the current market climate and saturation of token projects, DEVL’s unique design, mission, and intentions make it worth a look. 

You can learn more about the Devil Token (DEVL) by visiting their website, joining their telegram, on twitter, or a number of other social media platforms. 



Twitter: @DevilTheCrypto

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