Elon Musk Questions Kraken CEOs Claims On Bitcoin’s Greenness

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Elon musk cryptotwitter
Elon musk cryptotwitter

Elon Musk is not changing his stand on Bitcoin’s negative environmental impact and in a fresh tweet he questioned Kraken CEO Jesse Powell. Kraken CEO in a recent interview to Bloomberg claimed that Bitcoin is greener than critics say.

Based on What? Asks Elon to Jesse

Billionaire Elon Musk after whole supporting Bitcoin took an U Turn citing Bitcoin large energy consumption and negative impacts on environment. Later Tesla, founded by Elon Musk also disabled Bitcoin payments due to same reasons.

While, Elon Musk recently gave a lifeline to bitcoin investors by confirming that Tesla is not selling anymore Bitcoin but he still remains a critique of Bitcoin’s environmental impact. This is clear from his active participation to claims about Bitcoin pro environmental status.

When, asked about his position on Bitcoin and Elon, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell told Bloomberg, that Bitcoin is greener than critics are saying and Elon Musk has more studying to do in this matter.

Well, as expected Elon stood by his position on Bitcoin and asked, “Based on What?” Does this mean Elon is anti-Bitcoin? No, not at all, atleast based on recent events.

Also, in a latest tweet he announced, Tesla would start accepting Bitcoin payment again once Bitcoin reached 50% clean energy usage.


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