EtherMium: The Safest DEX with No Limits

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November 13, 2018 Updated April 12, 2022
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A short briefing on some of the most important EtherMium present and upcoming features you had better know right now.

If the new product is made with a glace to users feedback, it is definitely bound to be effective and beneficial for its clients. An outstanding example is a new DEX EtherMium. What are those long-wished-for changes that will make your trader’s life easier? Go on reading to find more.


As a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, EtherMium has the common feature of a simple and fast registration process. The service does not demand personal information, identification documents or constant passing KYC. Forget about long and detailed ways of verification or authorization procedures. EtherMium saves your time for efficient trading. All you need to do is to create an account and affirm your ETH wallet. The unlimited trade may be reached just in few clicks. The following conditions allow making absolutely anonymous transactions.

Common exchanges are known to have limits for withdrawal or deposit. EtherMium gives clients unlimited possibilities for P2P trade. I must mention competitive commission fees: the maker pays 0% and the taker pays 0.2% for every transaction.


Ease of service usage is not least important. When it comes to user-friendly interface and failure-free running of service every second of trader counts. EtherMium designers team analyzed, reconsidered current DEX interfaces and exhibited to the traders an easy-to-use one. Moreover, EtherMium developers and 24/7 technical support teams provide unfailing service for the smooth trade.


Security is one of the key concepts of EtherMium. It’s a combination of two items: order book service and smart contracts. Order book service stores the transaction information on the server instead of the blockchain. To conduct the transactions any contract requires a double signature match. The smart contract is a surety of individual ownership of assets. Any assets movement happens if only two parties confirmed the transaction. Altogether it arranges the best security features for risk-free trade.

The only person who controls the situation and manages funds is the user himself.

According to the security policy, nobody except the trader has access to any personal data or funds. All transactions are made via smart contract technology. Consequently, neither owners of the DEX nor hackers can get access to trader’s funds.


Every trader could do with a passive high income. EtherMium presents its own affiliate program with a great revenue potential. How can you earn from the affiliate program? Select the section Affiliate on the dashboard, get your referral link, use to shorten the link and use your promotional channels. I might add that EtherMium freely and largely supplies the members of EtherMium affiliate program with different promo materials.

The amount of passive income directly relates to the quality and quantity of referents. But there are several guaranteed terms: Member of EtherMium affiliate program gets 50% of the trading fee immediately after the closing of a deal.


EtherMium executives aim to build an advanced DEX, that will allow token trade with the widest package of possibilities. The service is constantly working on developing new features. At the earliest date, we expect the possibility to trade stocks, commodities, and indices. Moreover, we will see the service supporting ICO investment. Who knows, what we will see next? I hope that EtherMium will continue to analyze traders feedback and provide vitally important tools and possibilities for simple and profitable trade.  

In summary, I can say that EtherMium is a progressive decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, that provides secure, simple and constant service for a profitable trade. It is worth the attention of every trader, especially an experienced one: with the help of EtherMium it’s easy to create a high passive income source.

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