FUD Alert: No Mention of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency in New Cabinet Bill by Indian Govt.

By Achal Arya
February 22, 2018 Updated March 14, 2018
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No mention of bitcoin or cryptocurrency in new cabinet bill by Indian Govt.

The approval of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2018 cabinet resulted in a panic when some Indian media houses manipulated the news and linked the otherwise bill with the cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. Some media houses were even reported to even call it “bitcoin bill”  which is a false interpretation of the news.

Cryptocurrency or bitcoin considered a Ponzi scheme

However, it’s important to notice that, even though the government has already equated Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with Ponzi scheme, no separate or specific mention of words like ICO, cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin can be found in the draft.

Recently, The Indian Union Cabinet released ‘The banning of unregulated deposit schemes bill, 2018’ with the approval from PM Modi in parliament. However, certainly few missing words like ‘cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and more’ undeniably delivered a breath of relief to traders who are still expecting to see recovered days in new cryptocurrency India.

With an aim to put a hold on illicit deposit-taking actions, the government has decided to forbid and take a stern action against companies and institutions running/planning to run such schemes. As per official, the bill will assist and safeguard hard-earned money of naive people who usually get duped by such Ponzi schemes for the lack of strict administrative measures.

Status of cryptocurrency regulation in India still awaits

This New Year has definitely arrived with more deviations, then what most of us might have expected. After all, while the government is all set to put a stop on illicit deposit-taking activities in the country, with it’s recently passed ‘Banning of unregulated deposit schemes bill, 2018’. Crypto traders are certainly anticipating to experience better days with reassuring government regulations and directions related to cryptocurrencies and alike.

Advice to our readers:

All in short, while we look at media to serve us with a clearer picture and understanding of latest happenings related to important and not so important sectors. We advise our readers to stay alert in matters related to cryptocurrencies and not to fall into any trap. Cases of news manipulation on a mass scale is on rising as was evident from recent events in South Korea and UK.

What do you think of such fud crypto news? What do you think of the future of cryptocurrency India as Indian govt. already consider cryptocurrencies as a Ponzi scheme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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