The future of Electric Vehicles and EV Direct Currency

By Achal Arya
Published June 10, 2021 Updated June 9, 2021
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By Achal Arya
Published June 10, 2021 Updated June 9, 2021

Electric cars have been around since the mid-nineteenth century. As of 2019, almost 5 million electric cars are in operation, with the number steadily increasing. All electric cars are powered by batteries. This means that the automobiles must be recharged after a set amount of time and distance. This is where EVDC comes in place.

EVDC Token

Electric Vehicle Direct Currency

EVDC-The first decentralised token which will be used as EV charging currency.

Recently, the EVDC token launched on Pancakewap and Uniswap. 18 billion tokens were sold at the pre-sale. The total supply is 100 billion on both networks (bsc and eth).

Charging Electric Vehicles

EV car owners are frequently dissatisfied by the difficulty they have in finding a charging station and paying for it. Multiple charging stations have been installed in various places, yet there is a dearth of awareness among EV owners. Furthermore, rapid charging is not available at all charging stations. As a result, these stations have long lines.

With the rise in electric car sales, numerous firms have developed mobile and web apps to make paying for charging stations easier. Despite the abundance of alternatives, payment at charging stations is delayed owing to network connectivity challenges, lack of app membership, lack of a bank account linked to the app, and other factors. These difficulties may

cause the billing procedure to be delayed. As a result, a faster and easier approach to complete the payment process at charging stations is required.


Electric Vehicle Direct Currency

Cryptocurrency is a new way to conduct safe payments. Payment at charging stations utilizing Electric Vehicle Direct Currency, or EVDC, may be made in a matter of seconds using the EVDC smartphone application. The EVDC is a digital currency that can be used to make payments to charge electric cars. The only requirement is that the phone is kept close to the charger.

Before payment, the EV owner does not need to register an account on the app. When a customer wishes to pay, the app will create a guest account for them. Customers can deposit money in FIAT currency and have it converted to EVDC using the app.

Once an EVDC token has been used, it is burned. The app is entirely safe, with a twenty-year locked liquidity. The app is set to arrive in September 2021, and transactions will be rewarded post-launch. The test flight is available on iOS/Android by 06/01.

What is the future of EVDC?

With the rapid expansion of charging stations, the EVDC app and token will soon become indispensable. Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and we need additional charging

stations with effective payment and charging methods. EVDC is the future of EV charging, as digital money is a new developing payment method that is both safe and rapid.

EVDC whitepaper : Whitepaper

Telegram group : EVDC Q&A chat

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