Giant Copper Mine to go Crypto

By Guest Author
Published April 6, 2019 Updated April 8, 2019
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Giant Copper Mine to go Crypto

By Guest Author
Published April 6, 2019 Updated April 8, 2019

One of the world’s biggest to-be copper, nickel and cobalt mines is about to go digital, by launching a large-scale Token Offering. The funds will be used to further extract high-value mineral resources: copper, nickel, cobalt and gold, minerals facing growing demand mainly due to the smartphone and electric vehicles industries.

One of the world’s biggest to-be copper, nickel and cobalt mines is about to go digital, by launching a large-scale Token Offering. The security token is being launched through Blue Hill Foundation, which is a gateway to Blue Hill Mining for early token buyers at a preferential price. Blue Hill Mining is an upcoming fully regulated STO that is directly linked to 30 percent ownership of the mine and also has a 30 percent stake in a revolutionizing peer-to-peer platform designed to connect mining companies, smelters, logistics organizations, and multinationals. This platform will deliver transparency to the industry by enabling each of these entities to make bids and eliminate middlemen who often take high fees for bringing these parties together.

“You have to imagine that so far we have only analyzed 10% of the vast surface area of the underlying mining licenses and by using a formula that the valuation of the reserves mine is 20 to 30% of the already discovered reserves, then you can increase your initial investment more than 300 times”, says Mr. Kurt Becker, former BFW – Landesverband NRW CEO and currently Blue Hill Mining CEO.

The Blue Hill Mine is in the same metallic belt as one of the biggest running copper mines in the world, also in Mongolia – called Turquoise Hill – owned and managed by the Australian mining giant Rio Tinto. It is believed that the Blue Hill Mine (the name derives from the presence of copper traces at the surface) sits on the exact same geological lode. After an eight-year period of technical exploration being concluded, Blue Hill Mining is intending to become fully licensed under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority by the end of the year – and aims to encourage mining companies, banks, multinationals, and logistics firms to join its blockchain-based commodity trading platform.

From here, BHM tokens are scheduled to be listed on crypto exchanges by the second quarter of 2020, with an additional drilling program at Blue Hill to launch in the middle of next year. Towards the end of 2020, it is hoped that the Blue Hill Mining platform will be “fully operational using blockchain technology” – enabling organizations to ethically source the raw materials they need at a cost that is lower than the market average.

This innovative digital operation backed up by real assets allows crypto investors to allocate variable amounts of money, depending on their profiles, allowing virtually anyone in the world to become a co-owner of the mine.

“Blockchain technology is a huge achievement for the capital markets, for direct investment into projects. The individual investor is directly investing in this project and he can decide what amount he will invest. There’s big flexibility and it is a very transparent and really safe technology”, Mr. Kurt Becker adds.

Based on the already existing resources and the most probable increase in pricing on mineral commodities, due to the expansion of copper and nickel usage on batteries and electric vehicles production, the forecasted retail price of the tokens is set at US$30 per token. That target will be evaluated by one of the top 4 auditing companies from Q3 2022 onwards.

The company says that its team has more than 152 years of combined experience in the mining industry, as well as 46 years in the banking industry. The pre-sales of Blue Hill Mining is currently being made available through Blue Hill Foundation at US$0.06 per token.

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