Kaizen Finance Integrates Polygon To Reimagine Crypto Tokens

By Achal Arya
December 18, 2021 Updated December 18, 2021
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Managing the lifecycle of crypto tokens can be daunting but it doesn’t have to when two avant-garde projects join efforts to reconceive the entire process. Most projects planning their launch in the crypto ecosystem often battle with slow transactions and high fees. But the integration of Polygon into Kaizen’s token lifecycle management platform will spearhead the start of lasting solutions.

Kaizen Finance has made some major moves this year with a number of solutions going live and also partnerships – so this mashup with Polygon will send it flying. Token generation with embedded security traits, sniping bot and front-running protection, vesting automation, staking solutions, trading locked tokens and in general lifecycle management are all being brought by Kaizen Finance to crypto community this year. Adding Polygon’s collaborative efforts will help create new opportunities for crypto businesses.

Kaizen Finance is a no-code cross-chain platform where projects can securely and reliably generate, issue, and manage tokens, vesting schedules, token sale, and staking. It provides multiple investment opportunities to users in partner projects through allocations even before they launch on the market.

The integration is aimed at opening crypto and lessening entry barriers for individuals and teams who intend to delve into the industry but are intimidated by the high-tech space or limited by the lack of technical know-how and respective skills the sphere requires. The simplified codeless way of generating and launching a crypto token also on Polygon will enable new teams and individuals to focus on business and their ideas, not the complex technical aspect.

Reimagining Crypto Together through Strategic Partnership 

This partnership will bring new changes and exciting opportunities to the whole industry. Here’s how. The Polygon’s framework for connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks and scalable solutions on supporting multi-chain, and Kaizen Finance’s first-ever cross-chain exclusive ability of trading locked tokens before unlock, will curb and lower all the crypto industry impediments while it creates exceptional and novel capabilities for both projects and their investors and angels alike.

The integration with Polygon reveals even more cross-chain opportunities. Overall, traders win from many new unique projects coming to Polygon, offering exclusive early investment opportunities and with reduced on-chain fees.

As reported by the team, Kaizen Finance is steps ahead of schedule with the integration as it already provides token creation solutions for Polygon users. 

Polygon and Kaizen Finance have the necessary driving forces and bedrock in place to scale up their joint efforts. Users can expect the duo to build on this foundation, supporting future-ready and promising projects that are set to explore the prospects of incredible new opportunities presented through this integration.

Kaizen Finance has visualized a groundbreaking industry standard that will bring change to token launch, management, protection, and creation on the Polygon network. Delegating minting, vesting schedules, staking, anti-sniping, and anti-bot protection, and other token creation-related tasks to Kaizen Finance will encourage Polygon to double down on the ecosystem development and will also enable Polygon-based projects to further advance in their technology and business.

This change will mean that you can use Kaizen Finance to quickly and securely run all your token-creation processes on Polygon (as well as on other networks, of course). All without writing codes. Ultimately, the collaboration will herald a win-win scenario that brings every party involved closer to the unanimous objective of developing a decentralized future for everyone. 

Achal is an entrepreneur and a product designer with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. He works in the Web3 domain and manages new developments at Coingape. Follow him on Twitter at @arya_achal or reach him at achal[at]coingape.com.
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